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You can find below links to our work in the form of papers, posters, research talks, lectures and grant applicationsPeer reviews and the corresponding earlier versions of the work are included whenever available.

If some of it is useful to you, please cite us.


  • PAPER "On the natural structure of amino acid patterns in familes of protein sequences" (submitted) arXiv
  • PAPER "Frustration, function and folding" Current opinion in structural biology
  • PAPER "Localization of Energetic Frustration in Proteins" Methods in Molecular Biology (in press)
  • PAPER "Structure and dynamics conspire in the evolution of the affinity between intrinsically disordered proteins" (submitted)
  • GRANT "ENIGMA: Evolution of Nanomachines In Geospheres and Microbial Ancestors" NAI (awarded)
  • TALK "The circular flow of biomolecular information" 3rd PBATEOTW
  • TALK "Characterizing the local frustration in class A Beta-Lactamases and its relation to function and stability" 3rd PBATEOTW


  • GRANT "Folding made to measure: reprogramming the folding of repeat-proteins" Royal Society (awarded)
  • THESIS PhD "Desarrollo de métodos estadísticos para el análisis de patrones biológicos en proteínas: aplicaciones a familias de proteínas repetitivas" Rocío Espada - UBA