Principal investigators

Diego U. Ferreiro

Ignacio E. Sánchez
@pubmed @scopus @gscholar

Now with:
  • Denys Bulavka (mathematics student)
  • Lucía B. Chemes (Biologist) @pubmed
  • Guido de Luca (Bioinformatics student)
  • Rocío Espada (Physicist) @pubmed
  • María Inés Freiberger (Bioinformatics student)
  • Ezequiel A. Galpern (Physicist)
  • Juliana Glavina (Biologist) @pubmed
  • A. Brenda Guzovsky (Biologist) @pubmed @gscholar
  • César Leonetti (Bioinformatics student)
  • Diego H. Micheli (Computer Science student)
  • Ramiro Ponce (Bioinformatics student)
  • Leandro G. Radusky (Computer scientist) @pubmed
Formerly with:
We collaborate with Pablo E. Rodríguez (Philosopher)

We collaborate with Laura Olalde (Artist)

We are looking for motivated researchers at any point in their careers
. Please contact us for details

Lab photos