Principal investigators

Diego U. Ferreiro

@pubmed @scopus @gscholar

Ignacio E. Sánchez

@pubmed @scopus @gscholar

Now with:

  • Guido de Luca (Bioinformatics student)
  • Lucio Aliperti Car (Pharmacist)
  • María Inés Freiberger (Bioinformatician)
  • Ezequiel A. Galpern (Physicist)
  • Juliana Glavina (Biologist) @pubmed
  • A. Brenda Guzovsky (Biologist) @pubmed @gscholar
  • César Leonetti (Bioinformatics student)
  • Diego H. Micheli (Computer Science student)
  • Ramiro Ponce (Bioinformatics student)

Formerly with:

We collaborate with Pablo E. Rodríguez (Philosopher)

We collaborate with Laura Olalde (Artist)

We are looking for motivated researchers at any point in their careers. Please contact us for details

Lab photos