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Students' Feedback

Here are some of the feedback given by students who prepared digital portfolios as a part of this project
Digitization of learning in Humanities has made marvels in my life. Being a former student of S. B. Gardi Department of EnglishMaharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, I feel honoured and blessed to have teachers like Prof. Dilip Barad Sir who activated my technological learning skills. Learning Literature through Technology has not only improved my grades but it has enhanced my learning skills up to a greater extent. Digital Learning Skills have made my life simpler and my learning much more meaningful. It feels like I've got virtual wings through which I can fly through the links and collect the precious pearls of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. My learning experience @Department of English was amazingly awesome like never before! Complex literary phenomena, Concepts, ideologies, authors and Ages were made simple by learning through Technology. Alongside Subjective learning, we learned how to blog, prepare and share presentations, how to present a presentation by well documented records prepared by students as guided by Dr. Dilip Barad Sir. We've got a gift 🎁, yes a gift of our own website in Department!  And I'm not the only one who was gifted but each student of Department! Yes, its a Google Site. 😊 My repository of blog assignmentsSlideshare presentationsYouTube video presentations, and achievements. . . .  Click here to read more.

Being a Student of Smt.Sujata Binoy Gardi Department of English, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, I feel proud and so much honored. It is my privilege that I am sharing my experience of that Great place which has given me an amazing recognition to my own self and made me feel about my potentialities. Whenever we remember those days of our Master, we always feel ourselves so much blessed that we could get chance to learn at such an institute where a student can lead his/her dreams towards Success.

We are the students of Batch 2010-2012 when Our University introduced CBCS (i. e. Choice Based Credit System) in 2010. So we are the First Semester System Batch Students. Pro. & Dr. Dilip Barad is the Head of the Department. We have learnt how to use ICT while studying Literature. His talks on Literature while teaching us, still we remember today. Especially, His belief in the Students' calibre which makes students more confident to cope with any situation in Life. He always advised us, ''Learn from your Experience.'' Because every experience gives a lesson which can make you more powerful and confident to do that thing which make you fail every time. Barad Sir introduced new way of learning Literature. He told us to create our account on Gmail, Slideshare and blogger. All these made our study so interesting and interactive at the same time. We were supposed to give Assignments, Presentations on selected topics as a part of our Internal Exam. Let me put one thing here is that our Department is only institute in which Internal Exam is conducted of 70 marks with the aim of Students' betterment and making students aware about their performance in exam. Writing Assignments and putting PPTs on Slideshare make us our writings and language more confident to put on Global platform. After posting our assignments and presentations accordingly on Blog and Slideshare, as per Barad Sir's instructions,  we used to comment on our friends's work. These brought a drastic change in our work and made more focused on using Web platform for our study. We had many Google Group Discussion where we could share information and ideas and learn a lot. Because of Barad Sir's Constant Guidance, we could learn a lot during our. Today, he is ready to help every student too if he/she needs for their Academic Progress. We are so much fortunate that we got Barad Sir as our Professor who will be always an Inspiration for every student forever in their life.

Then, Professors like, Devarshi Sir, Jay Sir, Ruchira Madam and Dhvani Madam were the persons who always tried to see best thing in each student. I am so much grateful to them whatever they taught us that has been added to our knowledge and made our sights more lively towards Literature.

At Department, we had many Visiting Expert Faculties like,
Pro. & Dr. Ketan Vyas who came to teach about Translation Studies and we got a chance to listen for the first time about this subject and learnt a lot.
Pro. & Dr. Rajendra Mandaliya whose teaching methods made me so Mesmerized that even today I can feel his voice.
Pro.& Dr. Kamal Mehta who had talked about the Comparative Studies who studied us this subject by giving so much examples from literature to make our learning simple.
Pro. & Dr. Balaji Ranganathan who came to teach us Post-colonial studies and The New Literature. His way of teaching literature made every student focused on the stufdy. Especially, we enjoyed a lot his teaching when he moved his discussion on Archeology.
Pro. & Dr. Atanu Bhattacharya who way of speaking English grabbed every student's attention. His talks on words and sentences made so much fascinated all the learners towards the use of Grammar.

I am so much thankful to Barad Sir for inviting all those Visiting Experts to make our learning more lively and informative one.

When I joined this Department, I didn't have Gmail Account but today I know how to create your own Website and use ICT for making your Literature Learning more interesting. I have written a Dissertation of 80 pages as a part of paper. Even today, I remember Barad Sir's talks on Research Methodology and his Advises on my Research topic. I remember those sessions of chapter submission. I remember those sleepless nights while working on Dissertation. All I can say that paper of Dissertation was the chance to learn about Research, as Barad Sir always says, ''Opportunity never comes, You have to Grab it.'' So I just grabbed this opportunity of doing Research. I have completed my Dissertation under Barad Sir's Guidance. While doing Research, I have learnt a lot new things which a researcher should know on writing Dissertation. After completing Master, today, I am Primary School teacher in Dhudashiya Primary School (Jamnagar), I try my level best to teach students and to give them that much of satisfaction which we got at Department.
At last, I would like to say something more and after that I will sum up my experience of studying at Department of English.
It's My Pleasure to say that Barad Sir will always be the Inspiration forever for students and the Man who always makes the students believe what he/she can do . . . !
Namrata Gohil (Batch 2013-15)
   I am Namrata Gohil. Recently I complited my M.A. Course in S.B.Gardi Department of Englishin Maharaja Krushnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University. I am from the Batch 2013-2015. Here, I want to say my experience of learning literature through Technology. And also want to share my experience to make ePortfolio as activity of Department.  In our Department, we learned various things,  especially to deal with Technology meaningful way. . .  Click here to read more.