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Welcome to UGC - Minor Research Project on Blended Learning
(2010 - 2012)!

This site is run by Department of EnglishBhavnagar University. The site is curated by Dr. Dilip Barad with specific purpose to organise projects submitted by the students. On this site you will find all the Google Sites submitted by students as a part of the partial fulfilment of continuous internal assessment. The students were supposed to have blogs for assignments, for presentations and accounts for videos of their presentations.
Blended Learning

Under UGC-Minor Research Project, this action research was carried out with dual purpose. Firstly, to fulfil one of the objectives of the UGC to have innovations in teaching - learning with the help ICT integration. Secondly, it was to experiment with blended learning. We wanted to experiment the feasibility of ICT integration with traditional face-to-face teaching method. The google group was used for instructions, sharing, collaboration and build eCommunication among faculty and students. Click on Department of English Google Group or scroll down to read archived communications.

By clicking on the image of a student you will be able to see the work done by her/him during four semesters from June 2010 to April 2012.

The outcome of this project will be available here.
The Research Paper published on this project can be read here

Batch Year: 2011-13

Click on the name to view ePortfolio 
 PG Reg No. Unique Id No. Click on the image to view student's ePortfolio
 Vadher Ankita K. PG / 2011 / 101017 BU11121011860 
 Khuman Bhagirath J. PG / 2011 / 101008 BU11121011852 
 Andhariya Darshangi K. PG / 2011 / 101001 BU11121011846 
 Kuvadiya Dipeeka D. PG / 2011 / 101009 BU11121011853 
 Gohil Hetalba C. PG / 2011 / 101005 BU11121011849

 Joshi Jignasha J. PG / 2010 / 101015 BU10111046940 
 Sumara Jitendra V. PG / 2011 / 101016 BU11121011859

 Patel Kavita B. PG / 2011 / 101010 BU11121011854 
 Bhalani Komalben P. PG / 2011 / 101002 BU11121011847 
 Savani Manishabahen P. PG / 2011 / 101014 BU11121011858 
 Rajyaguru Mansi D. PG / 2011 / 101011 BU11121011855 
 Vyas Namrata M. PG / 2011 / 101019 BU11121011862 
 Saiyad Nargis I. PG / 2011 / 101013 BU11121011857 
 Virani Nilam V. PG / 2011 / 101018 BU11121011861 
 Bhatt Parth B. PG / 2011 / 101003 BU11121011848

 Jumani Pooja K. PG / 2011 / 101007 BU11121011851 
 Joshi Toralben B. PG / 2011 / 101006 BU11121011850 
 Bhatt Vidhiben R. PG / 2010 / 101005 BU10111046931 
 Rathod Zindagi V. PG / 2011 / 101012 BU11121011856 

Batch Year: 2010-12
Click on the image to view student's ePortfolio
Dholiya Mahesh
Desai Siddharth
Bhatt Dhara
Gandhi Pooja
Makwana Jayshree
Patel Payal
Sarvaiya Priyaba
Kaldi Pooja
Pandya Chaula
Vala Neeta
Jani Amita
Vyas Foram
Dabhi Ashvin
Italiya Kinjal
Vaghani Hitesh
Kunvarani Reema
Kalani Jalpa
Bhatt Maulik
Bhatt Urvi
Trivedi Pooja