Alireza Pourebrahimi, Explaining and presenting a decision making model under uncertain conflict situations.

Abbas Harifi, Sliding mode controller design for autopilot and roll stabilizer of ship.

Abolfazl Jalilvand, Design of a hybrid hierarchical controller for a manufacturing system.

Ali Hajiha, Explaining and Presenting analytic hierarchy process distance matrix (with comparative comparison of employee behavioral indices with developed indices).

Aysa Jafarifarmand, Classification of artifact contaminated EEG signals aiming at stabilization of BCI systems.

Banan Abbasi, Computer design of stepper motors.

Hamed Kharrati, Design and stability analysis of fuzzy controller for Takagi-Sageno model based nonlinear systems.

Iraj Hasanzadeh, Design and implementation of Neuro- Fuzzy controller for a robot.

Javad Jassbi, A Dynamic Model for Multiple Attribute Decision Making.

Katayoun Madani, Magnetic control of capsule endoscopy with robotic arm.

Khalil Banan Ali Abbasi, Designing intelligent decision-making control system for managing electrical energy deficiencies in power grids.

Leyla Ghosi, Fault tolerant synchronization for a class of identical and different chaotic system.

Mehdi Pezeshkian, LMI approach for fault detection and isolation base on fuzzy type 2.

Minou Kouhsoltani, Catheter force control modeling in dynamic cardiac environment.

Mahsa Hosseinpour, Breast cancer risk assessment by fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM).

Mohammad Pourmahmoud Aghababa, Synchronization of two chaotic systems through nonlinear feedback control.

Mohamadali Badamchizadeh, Stability analysis of hybrid systems.

Mohammadhasan Cheragali, Designing an information processing model for group decision making based on evidence-based argumentation.

Mohammadrasoul Mojalizadeh, Design of an adaptive passivity-based controller for output voltage regulation and maximum power point tracking of stand-alone hybrid renewable energy sources.

Mohsen Amiri, Modeling search-space management in intelligent planning systems.

Mohsen Mohamadi, Design of a model for evaluation of media advertisement on consumer’s behavior.

Reza Radfar, Proposing a Dynamic Model of Organizational Planning Based on Network Solutions.

Samira Mirmazhari Anvar, Game theoretic models for resource allocation in MIMO wireless networks.

Sehrane Ghaemi, Human driving behavior modeling under stress conditions by fuzzy logic.



Ahmad Ghanbari, Design and manufacture of bearing torque measurement machine with application in fault diagnosis.

Abolfazl Jalilvand, Improvement of performance of three phase rectifiers using digital control techniques.

Afshar Bageri Hamidi, Modification of end effector control by using fuzzy neural network control system considering the friction of joints.

Ali Asghar Habibzadeh, Analyzing fuzzy logic based neural networks as controllers.

Ali Ebrahimi, Detection and tracking of targets in images with complex backgrounds

Ali Movahedi, A new method of air traffic management by combining ground control and intelligent aircraft internal controllers.

Alireza Navarbaf Mohammadi, Design of improved robust fuzzy controller for nonlinear systems.

Amin Abbas Ali Pour, Modeling and analyzing the face dynamics and its application in behavior prediction.

Amin Ajori Ghadim, Improving genetic algorithms performance by using the concept of aging for tuning controller parameters.

Amin Mahdizadeh, Hunter and Prey path planning methods simulation.

Amin Zeiaee, Force control of cardiac ablation catheters by means of image feedback.

Amir Mahdoodi, Aircraft stability analysis and control in landing phase under aerodynamic disturbances using fractional order controller.

Amir Rashidi, Design of a model based on different combinations for multipoint performance control of power plants.

Amihossein Hajghanbari, Provide a theoretical framework for determining the factors affecting organi- zational readiness for implementation of project risk management.

Arman Akbari Ghuchani, Intelligent fault diagnosis system with probabilistic competitive neural network.

Atefeh Sabz Giahan, Developing a model for data transmission in smart grids using public transport system.

Aysan Irannejad, Classification of visual-motor signals based on extreme machine learning method.

Behnam Gudarzi, Traffic accident prevention by using image processing.

Changiz Tavakkoli Zanyani, Robot navigation for tracking a float object in liquids by fuzzy controller.

Donya Ashtiani Haghighi, A fuzzy Petri net approach for solving task scheduling.

Ehsan Javaheri, Prediction of error and its time in Azerbaijan production and transmission systems.

Elham Dolatabadi, Providing a model to estimate the degree of breast cancer using fuzzy analysis and decision tree.

Fariborz Rahimi, Fault troubleshooting scheduling on power generation and transmission of Azarbayjan by using fuzzy CPM.

Farnaz Rahimi, Estimating EEG evoked potentials using recursive principal component analysis.

Farshad Samadi Kohne Shahri, Adjustment of ankle and step production for a two-legged robot to move in rugged paths in real time.

Farshid Pouralizadeh Moghaddam, Design of co-worker hybrid system controller for a production line montage cell.

Fatemeh Rezapor Chors, Modeling production line with Petri time networks.

Fereshte Mehrnejhad, Designing a predictive controller for linear systems with errors in actuators and sensors.

Gholi Rezayie Daneshvar, Modeling and designing a variable PID controller for a three-dimensional robot.

Gholam Ahmadi, Assessing reliability in power distribution networks and identifying ways to improve it.

Hadi Mokarami Rad, Robust visual control of a moving robot using indoor and outdoor image processing.

Hadi Shahamfar, Proposing a method for scheduling multiprocessing systems using evolutionary computation.

Hamed Kharrati, Optimization of fuzzy rules and membership functions using intelligent algorithms.

Hamid Ghadiri, Modeling the performance of auxiliary robots using Petri nets.

Hamid Hashempour, Designing a controller for vehicle suspension system based on a nonlinear system.

Hamid Moghadam Fard, Age estimation based on face recognition.

Haniyeh Gharamohammadlou, Fuzzy logic modeling of depression in East Azarbaijan (Case study: Azarshahr City).

Hasan Ansarynia, System identification of propane distribution tower and design of controller based on foundation field-bus system.

Hasan Sadeghpour Khameneh, Presentation of a dynamic model for Euro SCORE parameter nomination.

Hooman Javidnia, Application of isolation feedback method in controlling voltage of three-phase PWM inverters with current.

Hossein Hemmatjo, Designing the optimal path of the robot arm in moving molten materials.

Jaber Ankouti, Design of a fractional-order PID controller for robust control of robotic arm using fuzzy inference.

Keivan Nosratkhah, Robot routing for fixed and moving obstacles using fuzzy Petri nets.

Kourosh Rezvani, Design of navigation system for path planning of AGVs with decreasing risk of collision.

Leyla Yahyaie, A fuzzy decision making procedure for task scheduling in parallel computing.

Mahmood Khatibzadeh Nasri, Correction of Ac drive system and automation of shot blasting machine.

Mahsa Hosseinpour, Design of fuzzy controller using improved genetic algorithm.

Mahsa Sanatizadeh, Multiobjective project scheduling with machine constraint.

Majid Amjadi, Design a triangular robot with two degrees of freedom.

Maryam Bagher Oskouei, Investigate the stability of fuzzy control systems.

Maryam Kouzehgar, Validating Human Behavior Using Fuzzy Petri nets.

Maryam Vazifedoost, Improvement of Human’s hand digit gesture recognition based on structural model.

Masoud Dodkanloy Milan, Designing fractional order PID controller for 6-DOF quadcopter system.

Masoud Rashidi, Intelligent system design for multi channel – multi machine manufacturing process by genetic algorithm.

Masoud Safarzadeh, Releasing the extra capacity of Dispatching lines.

Masoud Zamani Esfahlani, Designing a fuzzy control system for elevator group control system.

Mehdi Pourhashemi, Investigation of casualties in power transmission networks of regional power companies and methods to reduce it.

Mehran Abazari, Automation and optimization of the trolley transfer system.

Meysam Aminzadeh Tahamtan, Modeling workflow using hierarchical object oriented Petri nets.

Minoo Kouhsoltani, An improved fuzzy neural network with rule structure and membership function modification in order to control a flexible link manipulator.

Mir Hamid Seyyed Abbaszadeh, Optimization of Hitass control system in Tabriz thermal power plant.

Mohammadali Badamchizadeh, Robot path planning in the presence of mobile and immobile obstacles using fuzzy networks by utilization of linguistic geometry for reduction of search tree.

Mohammad Ali Tavallaei, Providing an intelligent model for simulating human behavior during car driving and correcting the errors made during driving.

Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari, Nonlinear H∞ controller design for flexible robots.

Mohammad Fakhmi, A model for measuring the importance factors of operating features on organizational units of mobile communication department.

Mohammad Ghasemi Gharabelagh, Solving unit commitment problem by neuro fuzzy intelligent method.

Mohammad Javad Ostadi, Robust visual servo control of robotic arms.

Mohammad Khodashenas, Product supply and distribution network management using game theory.

Mohammad Pourmahmood Aghababa, Optimal control of submarine to achieve a fixed goal.

Mohammad Samadi Gharajeh, Navigation control of agent automobiles using wireless sensor network.

Mohsen Amiri, Setting electrical energy production timetable using artificial intelligence methods.

Mohsen Sadeghi, Intelligent management in Air transportation.

Mossadeg Sojoudi, Studying the possibility of using fuzzy based artificial intelligence on placement of dispatching cables.

Naiier Adibeig, A fuzzy decision making model in resource discovery of transmission of data to appropriate cluster by central system in grid computing.

Negar Khosroshahli, Investigating different rescue methods in firefighting and determining human parameters in it.

Parisa Nikdel, Improving the performance of T-S fuzzy controllers with SOS approach.

Pejman Salehi, Intelligent control of traffic in metro via fuzzy logic.

Pooya Mobadersany, Path planning for nanorobot using dynamic fuzzy approach in an environment with moving obstacles.

Roghayeh Zamani, Presentation of fuzzy multi criteria decision making model in processing parallel algorithms.

Roya Rangharanghi Hokmabad, Fault diagnosis of discrete event systems using hybrid petri nets.

Saedeh Seyyed Rezazadeh, A project control model based on fuzzy decision making.

Saeed Aghaee Davodlo, Estimation of robot-camera model for Visual Servo system.

Saeed Babapour, A guidance system to navigate firefighting robot inside the building according to the decision indicators.

Saeed Mahdizadeh Bakhshmand, Tracking Body movements in driving using intelligent video analysis.

Saeed Moradi, Scheduling of dispatching for optimal energy management using energy storage systems.

Saeed Najafi, Clustering big data using fuzzy entropy method.

Sajjad Fekri Asl, Designing a computerized control system using neural networks.

Salma Salimi, Designing a robust controller for tricopter tension control.

Samaneh Sadat Shanebandy, A new clustering algorithm based on improved ant colony for computational grid resource clustering.

Sehraneh Ghaemi, 3D path planning with using linguistic geometry method in the presence of immobile obstacles.

Seyed Mohsen Adel Hossein Abad, Modeling a comparative fuzzy PID controller for web tension control system.

Shakiba Moaddab, Path planning analysis of intelligent material handling system by using neural networks and its application on supporting electrical power posts.

Simin Ghasempour, Estimation of the order of fractional PID controller using Sugeno fuzzy inference.

Solmaz Abdollahizad, An enhancement method V-Shape scheduling in single machine.

Somayeh Nalan Ahmedabad, Multi-criteria decision making using fuzzy Choquet integral method.

Sona Babkan, Analyzing time-resistant stability for a class of fractional-order neural networks.

Yaser Azimi, Synchronization of fuzzy membership functions by small time delays.

Yaser Sadri, Fuzzy scheduling for data follows in IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless access network.