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My Research Page

Works in Progress

1. Analyzing the Potential of Hybrid and Electric Off-Road Equipment in Reducing Carbon Emissions from Construction Industries. (w/ Jae H. Pyeon)
Measuring the Economic Impact of High Speed Rail Construction for California and the Central Valley Region (w/ H. Nixon and J. M. Pogodzinski)


Select Journal Articles

Forthcoming “The role of road infrastructure and air pollution in the recent suburbanization of India's cities: An exploration.” Environment and Urbanization Asia, (w/ Kala S. Sridhar)
Forthcoming “An agent-based model of entrepreneurship: examining the role of alertness and transaction costs”, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy (w / Graham D. Newell
2015.  "Household Demand for Low Carbon Policies: Evidence from California" Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, (with Matthew Kahn)
2015.  "Household Carbon Emissions from Driving and Center City Quality of Life" Ecological Economics 116, pp. 362–368 (with Matthew Kahn)
2014.  "The Effect of Social and Economic Development on Air Pollution in Indian Cities" Environment and Urbanization Asia, 5(1) pp. 1-15.
2011.  "Homeownership, Dissatisfaction and Voting” Journal of Housing Economics, 20(4) pp. 267–275.
2011.  "Firm versus Industry Effects in Accounting and Economic Profit Data” Applied Economics Letters, 18(6), pp. 527-529. (with Ali Reza)
2010.  "The Persistence of Accounting versus Economic Profit” Economics Bulletin, 30(3) pp. 2189-2196. (with Ali Reza)
2009.  "Outsourcing in U.S. Cities, Ambulances and Elderly Voters” Public Choice, 141(3-4) pp 421-445.

Research Reports

1. 2016.  Benefit-Cost Analysis for Transportation Planning and Public Policy: Towards multi-modal demand modeling. Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose, CA, (with Ralph McLaughlin)
2. 2013. Assessing Municipal Bond Default Probabilities California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission, Sacramento, CA (with Marc Joffe)
3. 2013. California Voting and Suburbanization Patterns: Implications for Transit Policy Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose, CA, Report 12-05. (with Matt Kahn)
4. 2012. The Impact of Center City Economic and Cultural Vibrancy on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation Mineta Transportation Institute , San Jose, CA, Report 11-13. (with Matt Kahn)

Book Chapters, Pedagogical, and Other Articles

1. 2013. “Parchment, Guns, and the Problem of Governance” Review of Austrian Economics. (with Giampaolo Garzarelli) 
2. 2011. “Using Drew Carey in the Classroom” Journal of Private Enterprise. (winner of Best Educational Note award for papers published in the Journal of Private Enterprise, 2011)
3. 2010. “Managing the Internal Organization of Colleges and Universities” book chapter, in Doing More With Less: Making Colleges Work Better, Josh Hall, editor. New York: Springer. (with J. Ross)
4. 2010. “Understanding the M-form Hypothesis” Journal of Industrial Organization Education Vol. 5: Iss. 1, Article 4.
5. 2010. ''Intellectual Property and Antitrust Limitations on Contract: Comment” Economics Bulletin, 30(4), pp. 2680-2684. (with Neil Nguyen)
6. 2007. “Compstat, Community Policing and the Science of Success: A Market-Based Approach to Police Management" Economic Affairs, December.