Professor of Economics

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Editor in Chief, Education Economics
Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation
Co-Organiser, International Workshop on Applied Economics of Education (IWAEE) 

Selected Recent Publications

Green, C. and Homroy, S. (2018) 'Female Directors, Board Committees and Firm Performance', European Economic Review, 102, 19-38.

Bachmann, R., Cim, M. and Green, C. (forthcoming) 'The Long Run Patterns of Labour Market Polarization: Evidence from German Micro Data" British Journal of Industrial Relations.

Green, C., Heywood, J., Kler, P., and Leeves, G. (forthcoming) `Paradox Lost? The Disappearing Female Job Satisfaction Puzzle’, British Journal of Industrial Relations. 

Garcia, I., Green, C. and Navarro, M. (2018) `The Effect of Permanent Employment on Absenteeism: Evidence from Labor Reforms in Spain’, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 71, 525-49.

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