"Thank you so much! Everyone loved the food! The bread and pretzels and rolls were amazing!!"

- Ronja Spiegel; 6/17/2018

"Every year my mainly Irish and Scottish in-laws put up with me throwing an Oktoberfest family get together. You may think its because they love beer but the main reason they will be German for a day is Uwe’s pretzels. From the first bite, the crust melts into a soft delicious center that everyone raves about. These pretzels are thick and soft in the middle, thin and crunchy but not dry on the outside, with just the right amount of salt. The smell alone will draw you in, and the perfect toasty color lets you know you are in for a treat. I have seen grown men cry (in delight) and delicate girls eat 3 or 4 in a row (these are not small). Thank you Uwe for these delicious treats - they are always a hit!"

- Julianne Scott; 11/16/2017

"Best Pretzels Ever - Leckerste Brezeln in West Hartford!"

"Pretzel Haus was an amazing compliment at our recent gala. Imagine the delight of our guests when they saw baskets of fresh authentic pretzels at the bar featuring East Hartford’s Ten Penny Ale. It was evening of great planning and your pretzels just made a formal evening fun. I only wish I could say there were leftovers!” - Mayor Marcia Leclerc; 4/11/14

"These Pretzels are the best ones outside Germany. We Germans here in CT love them. Taste like Home. We offered them on a Kids Birthday Party instead of Pizza. Our American friends were thrilled! We definitely will order them again." - Barbara, CT; 3/8/2013

"Pretzel Haus makes some amazing pretzels! Wetzels Pretzels, Pretzelmaker and Auntie Anne's cannot hold a candle to a properly made German pretzel. If you have only had American chain restaurant pretzels, you are missing out… Every Pretzel Haus pretzel that has arrived at my business has sported a golden brown outside and soft, properly baked inside with just the right amount of salt crusted onto them. Want it broken down simply? These are not the low quality, mass-produced pretzels that the chains try to pawn off on you. Pretzel Haus has taken the time to perfect the German pretzel and they deliver them to your doorstep with a smile. With customer service and quality becoming rarer and rarer here in the States, Pretzel Haus has impressed me way beyond what I have come to expect from any bakery here in America." - Nicholas Damewood, CT; 2/25/2013