Members will be sad to learn that John Kennedy passed away on Wednesday 19th October.


John joined Liverpool Eagle in 1957, after his former club, Liverpool Unity .R.C. disbanded.He soon made an impact at the Eagle and as Hardriders' Captain, he organised and guided the training of young and older members alike.

His racing achievements spoke for themselves and when he gave advice, riders listened.He was an inspirational figure and many young members of that era went on to make their own mark on the racing scene. A notable example is Dave Short.It is appropriate that the Trophy John presented to the Club, "The John Kennedy Shield" has been won this year by Dave Short .

John was Club Champion in 1959, but in 1962 he left Liverpool Eagle and teamed up with Brian Green and Martin Whyard, joining Port Sunlight Wheelers. The following year this trio established a National Team Competition Record for the 30 mile Time Trial.

John temporarily retired from cycling when he left Port Sunlight Wheelers,but he returned to the sport he loved when he rejoined Prescot Eagle in 1982. (by this time Prescot R.C. and Liverpool Eagle had amalgamated to form Prescot Eagle).From that time on John was a strong supporter of the Club, introducing new members and participating in the social activities. (Joan Kershaw)