We are a progressive and friendly Cycling club based on Merseyside.

We are active in all disciplines of cycling including:

  • Road Racing
  • Track Racing
  • Time Trials
  • Cyclo Cross

We also regularly participate in club runs, social rides, training runs, challenge rides and audax events

Information for Prospective Members

Joining any new activity or club can be daunting, especially if you have never participated before. With cycling you may consider it to be even more complicated by the various equipment, types of bike, shoes, clothing etc. Cycling need not be an expensive sport. New members don't need to have flash new equipment and clothing. At Prescot Eagle ,we don't judge people by the type of bike they ride or how expensive it is. That's not important in our view. Whatever you want from cycling, the Club can help you either get started or improve your skills and experience. We are always pleased to welcome new members. Further details can be obtained from Ashley Warman  (07906 362717 or ashleywarman@icloud.com).

Prescot Eagle Road Club caters for all standards of cycling, from beginner to veteran. The club has a friendly atmosphere but can also be competitive when it comes to road racing and time trials.

If your interests are mainly social, then every Sunday morning throughout the year, we meet for a leisurely ride - the Club Run. Rides vary between 25 to 50 miles, occasionally longer, but always include a café stop!. If a newcomer does not feel confident about completing the full ride ,then an experienced member will take them on shorter runs until they have built up the necessary stamina to do the normal Sunday run. No one will ever be left behind. Non members are very welcome to come on a Sunday Run . Meeting Places and Departure Times are available on the website under ‘Future Events’.

If you are interested in racing then Prescot Eagle can cater for your needs. Although not purely a racing club, we promote over twenty races during the summer months. There is a qualified Club Coach and a wealth of racing experience among the older members. The active Club Membership includes International riders, former national champions and record holders, so any newcomer will be able to call on the appropriate advice and help from our own members.

It is not necessary for any individual to join a cycling club to participate in races promoted by Prescot Eagle. You can compete in the ‘Come and Try It’ (C.A.T.I.) category . C.A.T.I riders are bona fide competitors in that they are given official positions and times and are insured while racing. However they are not eligible for any trophies or prizes.

Whether you ride for leisure or competition, cycling is a great way to get fit and stay in shape and a club is the best place to get started, share advice, find out about cycling events and of course, enjoy riding with other keen cyclists. An important point is that cycling is a non load bearing activity and can be enjoyed by those in their seventh or even eighth decade.

Seniors: £10
Juniors : £7.50