Introduction: ISE exams at IES Llanes

Esta página te ayudará a preparar los exámenes del Trinity College, ISE I y ISE II, que corresponden a los Niveles B1 y B2 del MCER

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What is ISE? (

Integrated Skills in English (ISE)

Trinity's ISE exams assess all four language skills – Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading – interacting with each other as they do in the real world. 

An ISE exam forms a natural part of any course of English language study, undertaken in a group or individually.

Assessment summary

Reading & Writing
ISE Foundation (A2)ISE I (B1)ISE II (B2)
2 Reading tasks + 1 Reading into writing task + 1 Writing task
2 hours


 Speaking & Listening   
 ISE I (B1) 

 ISE II (B2)
Speaking = 
2 tasks

Listening = 

2 tasks

14 minutes

3 tasks

Listening = 

1 task

20 minuTES