The Book

A Step-by-step guide to increase the success of landing that dream job:

How to ensure you know what job you want

How to develop a map for your job hunt

How to track your progress and control outcomes

How to prepare for the unexpected

How to relief stress and invest in yourself

How to change strategies and adapt to influences

Job hunting is a complicated project, however most people seeking a change in jobs or entering the workforce do not deal with it as a project. Projects need planning, execution and control. Moreover to ensure a successful project, one needs to ensure that the project is addressing the correct needs and objectives.

Whether the job hunting is for full-time employment, self-employment, starting a business, or working as a contractor, a pragmatic approach will help the job hunter achieve the goals desired.

Main Topics

  • Developing a career mission statement

  • Life cycle of a job hunting

  • Managing the job hunt

  • Setting the scope

  • Keeping track of your time utilization

  • How much will the hunt cost you

  • Ensuring good quality

  • Your team

  • Managing the risk

Step-By-Step Practice Sheets

  • Easy step by step practice enables you to develop a full fledged plan once completed.

  • Steps to allow you to think critically.

  • Checklist to allow tight controls.

  • Advice and guidance to ensure you included all that needs to be included.

  • Systemic approach and sound process to relief stress.

  • Clarity and vision to ensure you know your goals.

  • Tools and techniques to keep track of your progress.