Find YOur New Job Quickly, and Find it Right !!!

Are you spending hours of time submitting resumes, applying for jobs, and getting no response !!

Are you tired of all the work you are doing and custom cover letters and not getting anywhere !!

Are your savings dropping as you seek employment and unable to compensate for the lost income !!

Are you feeling disappointed, confused and frustrated !!

Are you feeling that you are hitting a road block !!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, don't despair, there is a solution using sound practices ..

Tangible Results Job Hunting Workshop

Are you aware that over 60% of projects fail?

Are you aware that your job hunting is a project, and should be handled as a project?

Join us for an Innovative 2-hr Job Search Planning Workshop, by an Expert in Project Management and Coach + Free All You Can Eat Pizza, Pasta with Drink

Instructor: Ayman Nassar, PMP, CSEP, M.Sc. Eng Mgmt (Bio)

20 years of experience managaing projects and teaching project management and systems engineering classes. Managed over $150 million worth of projects in technology, IT, telecom, non-profit, higher education, manufacturing and travel. Adjunct faculty at Prince George's Community College. Author of dozens of articles in the area of technology management, two project management books, and project management workshops. Offered coaching on resume and cover letter writing and preparation to dozens of students, professionals, and individuals entering the work force. A past mentor at MENTOR NET, one of the nation's largest academic mentoring networks; the Prince Goegre's Community College Asian Latino African, Native American (ALANA) mentoring program; Lutheran Social Services (LSS) and coach at local schools, community centers and detention centers, assisting with career planning and personal development, utilizing the best practices of project management..

Ayman brings practical job huntng observations and experience from the tech bubble days, and the perspective of the current econimcal challenges into practice. Educated as an engineer and practicing as a project manager, his workshops are known for the application of sound management practices in solving everyday solutions. He applies concepts of management and engineering to diverse topics ranging from technology solutions as software applications, complex products and enterprise operations to teen counseling, inmate coaching and executive development.

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Each participant receives the following items when attending the workshop:

Project Management Workbook: "Principles of Project Management in 3-Hrs", 104 pages workbook, $8.95 value, authored by Ayman Nassar, and published by Intercontinental Networks Press.

Pragmatic Job Hunting: Applying Project Practices to Job Hunting", 98 page book, $19.95 value, authored by Ayman Nassar, and published by Intercontinental Networks Press. ** $15.95 Value !! **

Free All You Can Eat Pizza, Salad, Pasta and Drinks


A mix of presentation, work sessions, group activities.

Bring own resume to help you with workshop exercises

Participants will receive a pre-workshop homework to complete prior to workshop to build upon during program

Innovative learning concepts

Simple applications to yield true and tangible results


Various metro areas across the nation

Topics Covered:

Concepts and tools of project management that you can use right away to make your job search easier and more effective.

You will develop a custom process tailored to your situation to make managing your job hunting a breeze

Why Attend this Workshop?

The best of times to invest in one's professional development are times like these. Grow your skills and capabilities to grow your career. Now is the time to act, to land that dream job.

You will not only learn how to make your job hunting stress-free and effective, you will also learn basics of project management... thats a skill to add to your resume

Several steps closer to your future job

My workshop is unique, innovative and practical

My workshop is short, to the point and for serious people

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, if within the first 30 minues of the workshop, you are not satisfied, just let me know, your fees will be refunded on the spot

If you are unemployed you can attend for free.. although we would appreciate any donation

Workshop hours are in the evening to ensure no disruption with potential interviews or work assignments

What Will I Gain if I Attend the Workshop?

Networking - Great chance to meet new people

Knowledge - Excellent opportunity to learn basics of a very demanded field, project management

Application - Apply the knowledge to reaching a goal you have, finding a job

Self-confidence - You will acquire self-confidence, leadership skills and motivation to keep you marching forward

Tangible results - You will increase your chances for getting an interview

Delicious dinner - All you can eat pizza, pasta, salad and drink

Who should Attend?


Job seekers


Recent graduates

Anyone interested in improving their management and leadership skills