About the yurts

Bunchgrass and Steam Mill yurts are both 16-foot diameter yurts that provide shelter and comfort for non-motorized winter pursuits for up to six people.  Sleeping is provided on bunks, equipped with six nice, thick Paco Pads.  Each yurt is equipped with a wood stove for heat and melting snow for water, a snowmelt pot (only to be used for drinking water), a two burner propane stove for cooking, LED lanterns, and all the utensils, silverware, cookware and crockery needed for your meals.  There are drip cones and paper filters for coffee making and to filter snowmelt if so desired.

Private privies are set off from the yurts for nature's call.  These pit toilets can be taxed towards the end of the season, so there is a strict policy to not put toilet paper in the privy.  Instead, used TP must be placed in paper bags after use (paper bags are provided).  At the end of your stay, or as needed, burn the bag in the wood stove (with a small fire, of course).  Future guests will appreciate your compliance.  And there is ample hand sanitizer.

Note:  Both of these yurts are in winter motorized closure areas to benefit non-motorized recreation.  These closures should be respected, but if they are not, a violation report can be submitted to the Forest Service at this link.

Green Canyon yurt is a 24-foot diameter yurt that sleeps up to twelve people.  It is located at the end of the Green Canyon groomed ski trail (i.e., the end of the summer road), so it offers a good introductory yurt experience for new skiers or snowshoers.  Like the Bunchgrass and Steam Mill yurts, it includes sleeping pads, a wood stove for heat and melting snow for drinking water, a propane stove for cooking, LED lanterns, and a full array of kitchen utensils, dishes, and cookware for 12.  The Green Canyon yurt is served by a permanent vault toilet.

Please note that none of the yurts have cell coverage. You will not be able to use your cell phone for navigation unless you pre-download map base layers and use your phone's GPS while in airplane mode.

To see maps of our yurt locations, please see the Resources section of our website, under the "For our guests" link on the upper left.

See photos of the yurts and surrounding terrain at our Facebook page.