Christian dos Santos Ferreira
Oceanographer (MSc.)
Project Coordinator, CD Remastering and MB-System Training Instructor.

Bernardo dos Santos Vaz
Oceanographer (PhD.)
Documentation and Support.

Prof. Gilberto Henrique Griep
Laboratório de Oceanografia Geológica (Lab. of Geological Oceanography)
Fundação Universidade do Rio Grande (FURG)
Rio Grande - RS - Brazil

Prof. Gonzalo Velasco Canziani
Fisheries Biologist (PhD.)
Documentation, Support and Propaganda.

We are also grateful to the our past members Denis Hellebrant, Eduardo Henrique Albergone, Rafael Aldrighi Tavares, and collaborators Prof. Paul G. Kinas, Prof. José H. Muelbert, Pablo Lisboa, Jorge Pezaroglo and Alessandro Ebersol for helping, supporting and contributing.


Firstly, thanks to our team (Bernardo, Denis, Eduardo, Gonzalo), which with their sweat and voluntary work turned these project in reality. Thanks also to: Prof. Gilberto Griep (Lab. of Geological Oceanography, FURG, Brazil) for the incentive and for believing in our project from the beginning; our friend Armin Feiden for the suggestions and the biggest user of Poseidon Linux; to the innumerate researchers and users of Poseidon Linux spread across Brazil and the world, especially to those who contributed to the selection of tools of the latest version. Last but not least,thanks to the G3PD (UFPEL, Brazil), Marum and Chromgruen (Germany), Linuxfreedom, and other sites for hosting our ISO for download.

For the release of Poseidon Linux 3.1 and 3.2 we would like to thank our users around the globe for the comments and suggestions to improve it. For the translation of our start page we would like to thank Jean Philippe "Dr. Baby-Foot" Savy (French), Marcello Tola (Italian), Kapetanakis Giannis (Greek).

Christian dos Santos Ferreira (MSc.)
Coordinator of Poseidon Linux

Gonzalo Velasco C. (PhD.)
Team member - Translation, Propaganda, Support

Translation revision: Denis Hellebrandt
Collaborator + graphic designer