Poseidon Linux 4.0 (current version)

  • Based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, with Kernel 2.6.32, and Gnome 2.30.2
  • updated packages: Firefox 5.0, MB-System 5.2.1880, QGIS 1.7, GRASS 6.4.1, R 2.13.1... and a lot more!
  • new additions: LibreOffice 3.3.2, Nevernote, Dropbox, RSSOwl, Eclipse
  • removed packages: Oracle's OpenOffice

Previous Versions:

 Poseidon Linux 3.2:

  • Based on Ubuntu 9.10, with Linux Kernel 2.6.31, Gnome 2.28.1
  • updated packages: Firefox 3.6, MB System 5.1.3beta1851, QGIS 1.4, GRASS 6.4 RC5... basically everything!
  • new additions: R modules (bioconductor, gam, spgrass6 and geoR);

 Poseidon Linux 3.1:

  • based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 and with security updates until 17-10-2008;
  • for the very first time Poseidon Linux in two versions for 32 and 64 bits computers.
  • updated packages: Firefox 3.0.3, Wine 1.0, GRASS 6.3, R 2.7.2, Spring 5.0 in English, MB System 5.1.1 beta 23;
  • new additions: VirtulBox OSE, Open Universe Simulator, Gwyddion, SagCAD, Emacs (with support to prolog and Gri), Maxima, Prolog, Xetex, ghemical, Fontforge, Hugin panorama editor, Gnumeric, Bluefish, Avidemux, Audacity;
  • Note: Terraview was not included in the 64 bits version.

 Poseidon Linux 3.0
  • based on Ubuntu 8.04 (LTS version, Long Term Support), and with security updates for three years;
  • uses the graphical interface Gnome 2.22 (Ubuntu's standard), but KDE is still available at the package manager;
  • all the softwares from the previous version were updated;
  • softwares removed due lack of support/update: Scigraphica, Vis5D;
  • new additions: Mapserver/Pmmaper, MB System, Stellarium, BOINC Manager, Remastersys, APTonCD and many softwares for Bioinformatics.

 Poseidon Linux 2.0

  • based on Kurumin 5.0 (with Kernel 2.6.11);
  • new graphic art and simplified menu K (in KDE);
  • installation manual updated and describing in details the stages of the HD partitioning;
  • 99% of the packages only based on Debian Sarge (stable) and with security upadtes until 21/10/2005;
  • updated packages: KDE (3.3.2), GRASS (6.0.1), R (2.1.0), QGIS (0.7), Terraview (3.0.3), Acrobat Reader ( 7.0);
  • new packages included: Kopete, Qtiplot, GPSDrive, GPSMan, JUMP, Scilab, R libraries (sp and rgdal), spgrass (module for R / GRASS), gpx2shp, ABNTex, XDrawChem, Gperiodic, g3data, Fityk;
  • removed packages: GLChess, GAIM, aMSN.

Poseidon Linux 1.3:

  • based on Kurumin 4.1;
  • updated packages: Apt, Csh, Gimp (2.2.6), GKrellm, Kaffeine (0.6), Firefox (1.0.4), Mplayer, MySQL server and client (4.1.10), PostgreSQL server and client (7.4.7), Octave (2.1.69), R libraries (cluster, foreign, mgcv, nlme, rpart, survival), XMMS (2.1.10cvs2005), VIM, Dia;
  • new packages included: Labplot, graphic interface for R (using the library Rcmdr), new libraries for R (abind, car, effect, lmtest, multicomp, mvtnorm, relimp, rgl, sandwich, sm, strucchange, zoo), Kghostview, Blender;
  • removed packages: KOffice (KWord and KSpread), games Lbreakout and Supertux.

Poseidon Linux 1.2:

  • based on Kurumin 4.1 (already with KDE 3.3 and Kernel 2.6.8);
  • included Acrobat Reader® and plugin to open files PDF in the Mozilla Firefox;
  • updated packages: QGis (0.6), R (2.0.1), GRASS 6.0.0, Gri 2.12.9;
  • new packages included: Mozilla Firefox ( 1.0.1), MySQL 4.1.9, SPRING 4.1, Terraview and AMSN;
  • inaugurates of the new graphic look.