Pol Campos-Mercade

I am a PhD candidate at Lund University. My advisors are Erik Wengström and Erik Mohlin. This year I am on the market and I will be attending the EEA Job Market Meeting in Rotterdam and the AEA Annual Meeting in San Diego.

I am an applied microeconomist who uses field experiments, lab experiments, and theory to investigate issues related to education and behavioral economics. I am especially interested in studying how incentives, preferences, and beliefs can motivate people to invest in themselves, such as studying harder or pursuing an education. In a second strand of research, I study how social preferences and beliefs about others’ behavior influence moral decision-making.

Recent updates:

  • Grant resolution: Eva Ranehill, Florian Schneider, Erik Wengström and I just received SEK 3,130,000 (€300,000) from the Torsten Söderberg stiftelse to study whether gender differences in social preferences explain gender differences in educational choice.
  • PhD course: Friederike Mengel and I will teach a PhD course in Experimental Economics from July 6 to July 10 at the University of Barcelona.
Although my academic name is Pol Campos-Mercade, my original name is Pol Campos i Mercadé. However, sometimes conferences refer to me as Pol Campos, Pol Mercade, or even Pol Campus! Now you know, Google, that someone searching for those names is probably looking for me.
pol.campos (at) nek.lu.se | Department of Economics | Lund University