Love Poems

Ah, love...

It is the thing that drives us to greater heights and deepest despair. When I love, I love with a passion. When I hate, I hate with a passion. I am a Leo who burns with desire. A desire to love and be loved. I have had the blessing to have been loved completely, absolutely, and without question. I have had the crushing blow of having that love taken from me.

And yet... There is still more love to give and receive...

Love that inspires, love unrequited, and the hope of love to come...

Where are you?

Desire & In the Darkness.pdf
Floating Stanzas.pdf
One Sided Love Affair.pdf
Somewhere My Heart.pdf
Time to Start Again.pdf
She Smiles at Me.pdf
She Loves Me.pdf
Ode to a Former Lover.pdf
In Silence.pdf
A Lovers Regret.pdf
Ode to my love.pdf
I never seem to get the time.pdf
Swimming in Time.pdf
Anniversary 2001.pdf