Home is where the art is...


It has always been my belief that poetry and stories are more than just fancifully strung words and phrases. These words are merely the vehicle to convey the thoughts, emotions, and fantasies of the artist. In all good art, there is an underlying element of passion that drives the obvious structure to greater meaning.

Through my poetry, stories, and storytelling, I try to convey my beliefs, passions, and loves to my audience. Written and spoken words contain a greater beauty and power more than the words themselves belie. The fascination of hidden (and not so hidden) meanings embedded within the words allows for new interpretations from each reader.

Welcome to my world. I hope that you will find something to appreciate and connect with.

Thomas J. Approbato Jr.

All of these poems and stories are protected by copyright. Reproduction prohibited without author's permission.

The two ravens that adorn this page are Odin's ravens Huginn & Muninn (Thought & Memory). They represent both the natural world & spiritual world enjoined. Most of my own thoughts and memories are reflected within my writing. If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't a few words convey a whole new worldview?