Ты солнце в выси мне застишь,
Все звезды в твоей горсти!
Ах, если бы -- двери настежь!-
Как ветер к тебе войти!

И залепетать, и вспыхнуть,
И круто потупить взгляд,
И, всхлипывая, затихнуть,
Как в детстве, когда простят.

2 июля 1916

*** [1]

You overshadow the sun in the sky,
In your hands, you hold the stars!
And wind-like, one day, I would like
To push your doors ajar,

And babble before you, and riot,
And lower my eyes by your side,
And weeping, suddenly, go quiet,
As a forgiven child might.

July 2, 1916


[1] “You won’t leave me...”, “You overshadow the sun in the sky...”, “I was given two hands...”: These poems were part of a 13-poem cycle dedicated to the poet A.A. Akhmatova (1889 -1966).