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Here, in every silence you hear a space bar, --
Venice -- the only setbacks of this place are
The knots in your veins which slow the blood,
And every street here, leads to “dot dot dot,”
Which echoes like Morse Code in your chest.
Who was the architect that designed this nest,
Where fat pigeons pluck at stranger’s hands
Where the tourists scurry like unsettled ants?
Venice -- darkness falls, but the day won’t cease
As the footsteps strike on the keyboard keys
And the blaring sirens of violins pierce
With sharp notes the lobes of the deafened ears.
Golden gondolas are like autumn leaves,
While knee-deep in water, the twilight sieves
Those lost souls, who may, slip away and drift
Pass the city’s gates, to an obscure rift
Of the outside world, where the current’s force
Overwhelms the souls’ and directs the course.
All grows silent there, lights fade into dark.
And nostalgia brands just a question mark
On the heavy hearts, overfilled with grief --
They turn back too late -- Venice sinks beneath….