About Hive®

Hive® is an addictive strategic ‘board’ game for two players. Because no actual board is used, it can be played anywhere on any flat surface. The basic game consists of 22 pieces, 11 white, 11 black. The pieces represent five different types of bug, each with its own unique way of moving. With no setup required, the game begins with the placement of the first bug. As the pieces are placed, a hexagonal pattern quickly forms. This pattern, for obvious reasons, becomes the hive.

Hive® was invented in 2001 by John Yianni and is published by Gen42 Games, London, UK. The Mosquito expansion was made available in 2007, followed by the Ladybug expansion in 2010, and the Pillbug expansion in 2013. Awards won include the 2006 Mensa Select and 2006 Dr Toy Smart Toy Product Excellence Award.

It is available for purchase at leading game and hobby stores around the world. For more information, please visit the official Hive® website at www.gen42.com/games/hive.

To join the ever expanding worldwide community of Hive® players, you may register to play online at www.BoardSpace.net or en.BoardGameArena.com

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