Play Hive Like a Champion

Have you played Hive® online or in person?

Would you like to become a better player?

Learn from the BoardSpace 2011 On-Line Champion, Randy Ingersoll (ringersoll at BoardSpace and BoardGameArena)

Over 300 diagrammed positions from more than 100 actual games played on-line between Hive® Masters, average players, and complete newbies.

Written for players of all skill levels, this book starts with the very basics: Rules, Bugs, Notation, and Common Formations.

Available January 2014, the Second Edition now has a chapter on the new and exciting Pillbug! See the Table of Contents for the details.

The book continues with a chapter on Strategy, four chapters covering elementary tactics like 'The Pin' and 'The Cover,' and follows with sixteen advanced chapters including 'The Shutout', 'The Squeeze', 'Counting Bugs', and 'Counting Tempo'.

It even includes chapters on the ever popular expansion bugs: the Mosquito and the Ladybug.

Concluding with 'Beginners' Mistakes', 'Hive Openings', and 'Unofficial Expansion Bugs', this book has something for everyone!

Both the First Edition and the Second Edition include a foreword written by John Yianni, designer of Hive®.

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