Pilot Scripts

My current pilots include:

Historical drama "Heavens and Earth": In 1968, a young Iowan couple with a fundamentalist Christian upbringing adapt differently to life in an LA suburb after one starts planetary science grad school at Caltech. You can read the full-length pilot script here. 

Fantasy drama "The Matchmaker" in which a cynical P.I. who has turned his back on romance is cursed to become a supernatural "Matchmaker" putting soulmates together. "The Matchmaker" reached the second round [top 10% of scripts] at Austin in 2013. You can read the full-length pilot script here. 

Sci-fi thriller "Incarnate" in which a successful horror writer hunts those responsible for his wife's death, and uncovers an ancient order that holds the secret of eternal life. "Incarnate" reached the second round [top 10% of scripts] at Austin in 2014. 

Fantasy drama "The Sorcerer" about an ex-soldier with exceptional survival instincts who finds he's the last in a unique bloodline of men and women who can access incredible mental powers. But will he survive long enough to master his new abilities?

Sci-fi drama "Readers" about a telepathic hustler who has to curb her life of crime to give her teenage daughter a normal life.

Please download and enjoy "The Matchmaker" or email me at planetwriter@gmail.com if you'd like to read any of my other pilots!