Special thanks to Teo DiCicco of Bothell, Washington, for his invaluable artistic and historical assistance with the celebrated character, Saint Rocco. Thanks to Steve Talkington at Bainbridge Island Group Health Cooperative for his informative Interview and his technical medical reading of an early draft of the manuscript. Thanks to the helpful people at the A. A. Lemieux Library, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington. Thanks also to the generous assistance of all my friends at the Bainbridge Island Public Library; everyone there is always friendly and patient and the resources delightfully useful.

Special thanks to all my faithful readers and critics, especially to my number one sponser, my wife and life love, Janet. Thanks to my most faithful younger reader and dear daughter, Colleen, as well as to her devoted artist-husband, Xian von Foerster. Thanks to those in my writer's group, Sheila Rabe, Noni and George Kott, Barbara Winther, Aileen Eberspecher, Venera Barles and Chris Power. Thanks to my faithful family of readers, Mark Schultz, Peggy, Esther, Amy, and David. Last but not least, thanks to my dearest Italian-American artisté accordiono brother, Signor Leonardo Luzzi (I love you, bro).

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