Dr Paul Grace

Senior Lecturer

Computer Science, Aston University, UK

Email: p.grace@aston.ac.uk


I am a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Aston University. I joined Aston in April 2019 after spending 6 years working at the IT Innovation Centre where I was an engineer and project manager. I received my PhD from Lancaster University in 2004; and subsequently worked as a researcher at Lancaster and K.U. Leuven.

My research interests are in the areas of distributed systems, security and privacy, systems engineering, dynamic adaptation and middleware. I have also developed a number of software and tools to underpin research: ReMMoC, OpenCOM, GridKit, Starlink, Model-Interop, and Privacy-Modeller.

I currently teach courses: on secure distributed systems, network security and security fundamentals.

Recent Publications

  • Experimentation as a Service over Semantically Interoperable Internet of Things Testbeds, J Lanza, L Sánchez , J Santana, R Agarwal, N Kefalakis, P Grace, T Elsaleh, M Zhao, E Tragos, H Nguyen, F Cirillo, R Steinke, J Soldatos. In IEEE Access, Dec 2018. Pre-print.
  • Identifying privacy risks in distributed data services: A model-driven approach, P Grace, D Burns, G Neumann, B Pickering, P Melas, M Surridge, In ICDCS 2018. E-Prints.
  • Towards a Model of User-centered Privacy Preservation, P Grace, M Surridge, In ARES 2018. E-Prints.
  • A reference architecture for federating IoT infrastructures supporting semantic interoperability, F Carrez, T Elsaleh, D Gómez, L Sánchez, J Lanza, P Grace. In EuCNC 2017. E-Prints.
  • Model-driven interoperability: engineering heterogeneous IoT systems, P Grace, B Pickering, M Surridge, In Annals de Telecommunications 2016. E-Prints.

Upcoming CFP

I am co-chairing the 18th Workshop on Adaptive & Reflective Middleware 2019 - https://arm2019.github.io/ - please consider submitting a paper.