SYNTACTIC (Designing with Space Syntax) is a plugin for Grasshopper© made by Pirouz Nourian and Samaneh Rezvani at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology, Chair of Design Informatics, led by Prof.Dr.Ir. Sevil Sariyildiz. This toolkit is also known as SpaceSyntax_for_GenerativeDesign is compatible with SpiderWeb, invented by Richard Schaffranek. We hereby thank Richard, for all we have learned from his very interesting tool kit.

Space Syntax is an umbrella name for a group of theories and methods that associate spatial configurations in architecture and built environment with behavioral patterns of people. To learn more about Space Syntax and other Network Analysis methods, I invite you to read my PhD dissertation CONFIGRAPHICS .

Personal note:

Hi, I see that this page is frequently visited by many people; happy to see that :). We are constantly developing the tools and the methods behind but we have to develop lots of other things. So that is why it takes a long time to publish new versions. You can help us maintain the momentum or increase the speed of development by sharing your ideas and wishes on our user group addressed below; but please consider that developing SYNTACTIC is an unpaid evening/weekend job! If this toolkit has inspired you, saved you time or helped you in anyway in your research or design please consider citing it in your work you can also cite the following papers referring to it. Giving the due credit only encourages us to dedicate more of our personal lives to this project.

I know what is the feeling, you might think that nothing is being updated but we are continuously working on improving these tools. We need your virtual support. Join the group on GH forum, mention it in your work and give us some 'public' indication that this tool is useful. And needless to say feedback and suggestions are always welcome on the forum: .

New features for the next version of SYNTACTIC:

Today Nov 24, 2016, I released a test version of CONFIGURBANIST (the other toolkit for urban configuration analysis on this website). Our idea is to eventually merge these two packages. At the moment there are already tools in CONFIGURBANIST that you can use for analyzing architectural configurations. You can visit its page for download and more info.

For more information on the toolkit you can watch the video below or have a look at the following papers. The whole package has been presented as an integral part of a configurative design methodology in the 13th Space Syntax Symposium in Seoul in November 2013.

If you are using these tools please consider becoming a member of our group to let us see your interest:

You can download the tool suite free for educational use, from the link below this page.

For inquires you can contact Pirouz Nourian:


Alpha Complexes or Weighted Voronoi Diagrams (a Voronoi decomposition of plane by cells of various radii). A single component made for Grasshopper, in connection with our SYNTACTIC design methodology. This is not the end of story of course!

GOOD NEWS! This is an Isovist Bubble 3D, programmed in C#, coming soon! If you want to see things coming quicker, then consider supporting this effort by spreading the word! I will hopefully soon release IVB2D and IVB3D as two smart agents as add-ons for syntactic.

An Isovist Bubble, our own invention, a bubble that keeps its area while remaining an Isovist (visible) boundary. This image is not so cool, but it was my first 100% correct result from the coolest thing we have ever made. You should play with it to see how it adapts itself to a set of obstacles to maintain its area and "sovereignty"!

My presentation in the 9th Space Syntax Symposium in Seoul, October 2013; this was about my oldest dream about computational design (the dream has not come true yet!)

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I don't have time for any personalized help (and specially no time for responding emails in any language other than English!) for your graduation projects; if you have any 'technical' (not philosophical) questions please post them on our forum page in the Grasshopper website. Don't expect this toolkit to automate your design process. It does not do such things and it won't do so ever.