Pine Hill Pottery–Workshop Registration

While there are no scheduled workshops at this time, groups of 3-20 are welcome to contact us with interest in workshops, team-building experiences or a single 4 hour pottery event.

Meetings: Classes would meet over the course of 1-4 weeks, and combine concise demonstration of technique with plenty of time for hands-on experimentation, during and in-between class meetings.

Cost: $12 per class meeting, which must be paid at or before the first meeting, and is not refundable once the workshop has begun.

Instructor: Gaylen Peterson, a K-12 certified Art Instructor will instruct all workshops unless otherwise noted.

Location: All course instruction will take place at Pine Hill Pottery in Lake Park, MN with certain exceptions.

Firing: Unless noted all workshopfiring will be done in an electric kiln with Cone 6 glazes. The firing cycle will be built around a traditional work pattern:
work with wet clay -->bisque fire-->glaze-->glaze fire.

Alternative firings may include Raku and/or Cone 10 firings in the Wood-fired kiln.

Franklin 4-H Club gets together to get "Fired-Up" about pottery

Building Community
Pine Hill Pottery is developing a series of workshops, in cooperation with the Community Education programs of Lake Park, Detroit Lakes, & Hawley, MN. By opening up our doors and sharing our enthusiasm for creativity in clay, we hope to enrich the artistic community of the "Lakes Region."

(click for kiln images) Kiln Services
Along with workshop offerings, the studio is also extending kiln services to artists that are interested in renting firing space. The average rate is $3/piece. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

Studio Space (click for studio images)
Studio space is also available for time-share along with shelving space at the rate of $60-180 a month, depending on space requirements. (This price does not include supplies or firing fees)

*All services are subject to agreement between the owner and interested parties.

Contracts will be signed to protect the interests of everyone concerned.