Pine Hill Pottery–Workshop Registration

While there are no Scheduled workshops at this time, groups of 3-20 are welcome to contact us with interest in workshops, team-building experiences or a single 4 hour pottery event.

 Meetings: Classes will meet over the course of 1-4 weeks, and combine concise demonstration of technique with plenty of time for hands-on experimentation, during and in-between class meetings.

Cost: $12 per class meeting, which must be paid at or before the first meeting, and is not refundable once the workshop has begun.

Instructor: Gaylen Peterson, a K-12 certified Art Instructor will instruct all workshops unless otherwise noted.

Franklin 4-H Club gets together to get "Fired-Up" about pottery
Location: All course instruction will take place at Pine Hill Pottery in Lake Park, MN with certain exceptions.

Firing: Unless noted all firing will be done in an electric kiln with Cone 6 glazes. The firing cycle will be built around a traditional work pattern:
clay work-->bisque fire
-->glaze-->glaze fire.

Alternative firings may include Raku and/or Cone 10 firings in the Wood-fired kiln.