Studio Space

The Studio at Pine Hill Pottery
provides an open and efficient personal workspace, in all seasons. The adjacent garage allows for the greater space needs of an occasional workshop or instructional event. If you are interested in renting studio space, please feel welcome to inquire about rates and availability. The front access door brings you into the on-site showroom. As you pass through, you will discover the back half of the building playing its role as a studio. It is equipped with potters wheels, ceramic tools, clay tables, and storage space for work in progress. There is a lot of history in this building, it has served as a blacksmith's shop (c.1950's) that has been renovated to maintain the garage while developing the showroom & studio space. In the pictures below, you can see that the old forge has been transformed into a central work table.

The old forge supports our Work Table

Sink/Work Bench
(note the extruder, at left, mounted to the wall)

A Skutt 1027 serves as bisque kiln and is capable of cone 10 glaze firings.