About me

Professional Researcher

Director, Transit Research Center

Institute for Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis

Public Transportation

Public transport is a critical element of our transportation systems, serving many individuals in disadvantaged communities and offering a means to improve climate outcomes. As the director of the newly launched UC Davis Transit Research Center, I work to bring together researchers across the university working on topics covering public transit and to connect our researchers with policy makers and practitioners through outreach and our annual Transit Research Symposium.

Travel Behavior

My recent work includes the study of social influence in transportation mode choice and as a potential tool for sustainable transportation programs. I am currently studying the adoption of on-demand ride-hailing services and the impacts of these services on the use of other modes of transportation. 

Sustainable Transportation and Environmental Policy

In my research I focus on the environmental and policy implications of individual behaviors and strive to work with policymakers and planners to address complex environmental problems. I study innovations in public transportation and how transit operators approach the adoption of new technologies, the formation of partnerships and the implementation of new programs. This work evaluates the equity impacts stemming from innovations, including how payments technologies impact different groups. 

Current CV