Pierburg carburettor repair

The repair / refurbishment facility for your 2E2 Pierburg carburettors as fitted to the 1600 and 1800 CL, GL, Driver and some Ryder manual transmission versions of the MK2 Golf, Scirocco, Jetta and Caddy.

Additionally, the same applies to the various 2E3 units as fitted to the 1300 Golf , the 1900 DG engined Transporters T25 (T3 ) and the LT 2.4

The following text is generally directed towards the 2E2 but, whilst completely different in operation the principles within the repair operation are the same

The background

We have been refurbishing Mk2 Golfs for over 30 years and this facility is offered for 2E2 carburettor units in the knowledge that some otherwise excellent vehicles are being scrapped just for the want of a repair that few Garages can undertake. The Pierburg 2E2 is an extremely good carburettor fitted to the Volkswagen range of 1600 and 1800cc engines between the years 1984 and 1992. There are 28 different engine codes and transmission within these years, each having different characteristics and, therefore, different requirements from the carburettor. The Pierburg carburettors are individually matched to that of the engine and there are, therefore, 28 different versions of 2E2 Pierburg to suit the different engine code and transmission set –up

The following is a brief outline of what the carburettor should achieve:

The basic unit incorporates a sophisticated design using 5 separate items to accommodate the automatic choke facility, which together with the specific settings particular to each engine code, allows for smooth starting and running at all differing ambient and engine temperatures. For the 1600/1800 set-up, the correct cold starting operation on these carburettors is, firstly, a speed of 2000rpm. This will be for up to 10 seconds depending on the ambient temperature, and the speed should then drop instantly to 1500-1600rpm which will then progressively reduce to 750 or 900 rpm, depending on the model, as the water temperature increases. During these 3 phases there should be a smooth tick-over and no hesitation on acceleration. Fuel consumption, overall, for the 1600 should be 37mpg, whilst the 1800 should return 35 mpg.

The repair details

For standard repair/re-furbished carburettors, each unit is completely stripped down and rebuilt with each part tested to meet the original specification and refurbished or replaced throughout. During the rebuild, the carburettors are subjected to over 100 checks and adjustments, typically as set out within the list below, such that all functions work correctly.

Each unit is run comprehensively on quality test engines and as such set-up to operate as they should throughout the cold starting, warming up and hot running condition. The carburettor is finally road tested from cold as a confirmation of the units behaviour in a real environment .

NB and a very important addition: The total rectification of a carburettor such that it performs in exactly the manner that it should can be a difficult and very time consuming operation.It is not something to undertake in a casual manner. I take the repair of your carburettor seriously and choose to take only one line with regard to the rectification of the unit. Therefore, THE CARBURETTOR WILL NOT BE FORWARDED UNTIL IT PERFORMS ABSOLUTELY CORRECTLY UNDER TEST. The carburettor needs to perform 100% before despatch. and this requirement does mean that scheduled dates for return of a unit can be delayed. You need to be aware of this fact.

For the 'Repair' option, concentration is on the correct working of the carburettor and the external appearance of the carburettor is not considered as the priority. Apart from a thorough chemical clean the externals are left in the condition in which the carburettor is received and this should be understood as the difference to the 'Re-conditioned' units referred to later

THE REPAIR OPTION for the 2E3 is from £335 whilst the 2E2 is from £435 both + P&P via Courier 24hr @ £25.00 to cover the FULL insurance value

IMPORTANT :- It is necessary that the essential following information is made available prior to purchase of this offer.

The registration number of your vehicle

The full VW number of carburettor (usually on the top LHS) e.g. 027 129 015G 7 088

Existing carburettor running condition of revs and smoothness at :-

a) initial start from cold

b) warming up

c) hot idle




On these units all metalwork is replaced with NEW or re-finished in order to provide an enhanced and additionally protected appearance, and as shown in the last photograph. For this option the cost is an additional £80 and with a surcharge amount that is returned in full on satisfactory receipt of the replaced carburettor.



The information below provides a very brief insight into what is provided within BOTH the 'Repaired' carburettor units and the 'Re-conditioned' units

For Pierburg carburettors with Manual transmission

3-point unit piston shut-off position mm

3-point unit piston idle position mm

3-point unit Vacuum mmHg

Internal cleanse

External cleanse

Jet stage 1 and 2

Jet cleanse 1 and 2

Air correction jet

Idle jet

Air mixture jet cleanse

Air mixture screw & holder cleanse

Air mixture jet seal

Float height mm

Float valve closure

Float weight gms

Wax-stat pushrod movement

Waxstat internal cleanse

Waxstat internal setting mm

Waxstat protrusion 30Nm at 20degC mm

Wax-stat operation on warm-up

Fast idle setting- waxstat cam 8.15mm insert

Stage 1 throttle plate movement

Stage 1 throttle plate setting mm

Stage 2 throttle plate movement

Stage 2 throttle plate setting mm

Stage 2 lock levers setting 'a' mm

Stage 2 lock levers setting 'b' mm

Choke shaft rotation

Needle valve

Enrichment valve cleanse

Enrichment valve diaphragms

Enrichment valve spring

Accelerator pump jet

Accelerator pump jet diaphragm

Accelerator pump jet valves and spring

Accelerator pump jet cleanse

Accelerator pump output cc

Main gasket condition

Channel heater cable insulation

Channel heater resistance ohms

Thermo time valve resistance ohms

Thermo time valve below 15deg C mmHg

Thermo time valve above 15deg C mm Hg

Solenoid valve electrical operation

Vacuum reading sol. valve 0 volts mmHg

Vacuum reading sol. valve 12 volts mmHg

Stop end hose condition

Vacuum hose condition

Pull down unit vacuum mmHg

Pull down unit Stage 1 setting mm

Pull down unit Stage 2 setting mm

De-choke mm

Choke electrical resistance ohms

Choke electrical operation

Choke water flow

Nominal fast idle rpm

Hot idle speed rpm

Fast idle speed rpm

Temperature sender @70degC ohms

CO reading @ idle % vol ppm

Water leaks

Final test from cold

Road test to include tests on

1) smooth and correct tick-over at cold at start

2) smooth and correct acceleration in all gears irrespective of temperature

3) smooth deceleration in 3rd and 2nd gears

4) return to correct idle at hot on sudden braking to a stop

5) smooth running of vehicle in 4th gear at 25mph and with no falter or lurch forward

6) smooth and correct tick-over at hot idle on conclusion of test