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Teacher Camp

Welcome to the home page for the AAPT High School Physics Teacher Camp.

What: The camp is a self-organizing opportunity for teachers of high school physics classes to discuss topics such as inquiry labs, standards-based grading, video analysis, and computer–based labs. The registrants will determine the topics. There will also be an expectation to share something about your teaching with the group.

Invited Speaker: Dr. Natasha Holmes, Cornell University.

Title: Think re-structure, not remove structure, to engage students authentically.

Abstract: When I first started studying labs, my instinctive issue with traditional labs was that they were too structured – students did not need to use their brains to follow the procedures laid out for them. My instinctive reaction was to remove structure. In this talk, I’ll present some data on why we should re-structure, rather than remove structure, and how the role of confirmation may in fact be a bigger issue. In the discussion, I hope we can all share and explore ways to implement these ideas in high school physics lab activities.

Suggested Readings: HERE

When: Friday July 24th, 10:30 am - 5:15 pm (Eastern)

Where: Teacher Camp will meet virtually this year. For those who are registered and admitted, Zoom links will be sent via email.

Who: Individuals who are currently employed teaching at least one 9th-12th grade physics class .

Cost: $0

High School teachers are encouraged to participate in the AAPT Virtual Summer Meeting 2020. Link to registration is HERE.

AAPT has set aside funds to help members of the physics education community defray the cost to attend the AAPT Virtual 2020 Summer Meeting. Click here for that information.

If you have suggestions for speakers for 2021, please contact either Marta Stoeckel or Kelly O'Shea (contact information on the contact page of this site).