The SpooQy Lab

We are a multi-disciplinary group at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore.  We are located on the National University of Singapore campus.  Our work leverages optical technology for building compact, rugged & effective optical entanglement systems used for testing fundamental physics and demonstrating quantum-assisted applications. We work with a wide range of optical tools, and have an active interest in nonlinear optics including bulk and waveguide materials. Systems integration (optics, electronics & mechanical design) is a key theme of our work and undergraduate students are encouraged to take part in our projects.  


Latest News

  • CQT is organizing the "Quantum Key Distribution Special Session", a panel discussion at the annual IAC meeting, held this year in Bremen, 2018. Leading academics and industry players will be part of the discussion.\
  • Alexander Ling will be giving an address titled "Communications Privacy in the Quantum Era", on September 19 at GovWare 2018.
  • Tang Zhongkan and Filip Aukstol will be presenting at the KOSMOS workshop in Berlin, September 12-14, 2018.