The SpooQy Lab

Join the SpooQy team! PhD studentships are available - contact us directly for opportunities!

  • We just published a paper on the state-of-the-art for compact entangled photon sources on satellites. This was co-authored by one of the best post-doc teams I ever assembled! "Development of compact entangled photon-pair sources for satellites" Applied Physics Letters 121, 220503

  • How do you repair radiation damage to single photon detectors? By annealing them! You can do this via heaters or lasers. Here is a project to use lasers to anneal single photon detectors. Our team is contributing know-how and electronics.

  • We have a pre-print describing the requirements for non-local dispersion compensation in live telecommunication fiber. This work places a bound on the minimum length of standard telecommunication fiber need to achieve compensation within the jitter of COTS detectors. Read more on the arXiv: 2201.10962.

  • SpooQy-1 re-entered Earth's atmosphere in late 2021. Thanks for all the data, SpooQy-1!

We are a multi-disciplinary group at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. We are located on the National University of Singapore campus. Our work leverages optical technology for building compact, rugged & effective optical entanglement systems used for testing fundamental physics and demonstrating quantum-assisted applications. We work with a wide range of optical tools, and have an active interest in nonlinear optics including bulk and waveguide materials. Systems integration (optics, electronics & mechanical design) is a key theme of our work and undergraduate students are encouraged to take part in our projects.