We will feature write-ups,  photographs and news clips on events and people associated with

PHS class of 1955   (1955 to present)

 HISTORY OF THE PHS CLASS'55 Write-up on the batch through the years highlighting individual achievements in Business, Politics & the Professions.  It likewise explains how the Association emerged, how it was shaped and what became of it. Edited by Jake Espino, PHS'55 (Published in the Golden Anniversary Yearbook)


From Adora Jacla’s Scrapbook and Other Contributions

Adora Wy Jacla appears to be a reliable repository of the memories on the initial effort, which led to the establishment of a more formal association in 1970. Please note that the pictures below covers a considerable time frame. However, a lull is noticeable in the decades of the 60s & 70s (Maybe they were busy raising children and pursuing their careers). HELP, will somebody supply the memories of these periods? The decades of the 80s and 90s captures the closeness of the ’55 class members particularly the visits of the Balikbayans. The new millennium seems to be a special dimension in the lives of class’55.

Fiesta time at Jet’s residence (1957) in San Pedro Cutud. From left: Philip Miranda, Art Sampang, Lett Batac, Adora Wy, Max Maglanque & Alfeo Galang





A visit to UP Diliman (1957). From left (standing) Lett Batac, Rosie Macapinlac & Adora Wy. Seated is Art Sampang. Sorry Puring M. & Alfred del Rosario. You were in the other pictures. Isa lang and pinili ko.

Reunion ‘88. Poling Aquino Castro, Mayor Pat Guevarra, Adora Wy Jacla, Noel David, Elvie Galang & Fred Jacla. At the back, Enrica Villanueva, Ofelia Pelayo & Jesusa Escoto 







 Anita Capati Songco & Adora Jacla (1990)





Partyland get-together (1990)





Outing in Imus, Cavite hosted by Ely & Silvia (Sarmiento) Aragon (1996)

At Lett’s B’s residence (welcoming Mel Bautista Swenson) From left: Fred J., Adora, Pachy, Lett, Mel Bautista (honoree), Tolen David & Lilly ( Oct, 1997) 







Adora Wy Jacla’s Farm in Magalang, Pampanga (97)






Reunion (97)






Valentines Day (2001)


By Adora Wy Jacla

It was 1951, 1:30 P.M. First Year, Section I, Science Class under Mr. Intal.

Subject Matter: Opposite Poles attract, Negative Pole repeals. Centrifugal force was the main lesson.

1 st room to the left wing of the PHS. We were seated on a very long, long table and very long, long benches. Seated opposite us were Benito Yangco, Wilfrido Baron,

& others. I forgot the girls on our side.

I could not figure out what Mr. Intal, announced to the class because I was half asleep. When I got hold of my senses, “Mipaquirut cu.” The teacher was making an announcement and even wrote it on the blackboard “Adora Wy is very sleepy”. Our classmates all stared at me, thinking the statement was part of the lesson too.

I was so embarrassed and from then on, I was never sleepy in all my student days in high school and even in college.

  1. Early reunion in 1962.  Shown in above photo are: Conching Tolentino & Corozon Razon Gonzales.  Back: Engineer Bert Medina, Aurora Venzon Medina, Daughter of Conching & Juan Gonzales


  1. In 1971, the PHS’55 Educational Foundation started its scholarship grants and its recipients are: Arnel Poingue Mallari and Matias Pineda Jr.  The above photo shows (l to r) Pablo Simon, Juanito Mallari, Elvie Mallari, Art Sampang, Arnel Mallari (grantee), Lily Flor Juant, PHS principal, Antolin David, Diodado Canlas & Francisco Tongol.


From Amelia Bautista's photo collection:


June 12,1970 reunion: The ladies from left to right are Paz Lalic Yap, Ligaya Pineda, Lilia Juat & Amelia Bautista.  The guys are Dolan Yap and the late Arta Sampang.


The Dec.16, 95 reunion seated from left to right are Clarita de Jesus (deceased) Amelia Swenson, Dra. Paz L Yap & Adora Jacla.  The guys behind are Dr.Africano Aquino, Tolin David and Felipe Tuazon.



Manila Chronicle
Tuesday, November 9, 1971


Filipinos Buy More Books Despite Peso Devaluation

By Joaquin T. Espino

The weekend peso has failed to curb the Filipinos’ penchant for reading.

Despite the de facto devaluation of the peso, two top reference book firms in the country – Encyclopedia Britannica (Phils.) and Mondragon

Industries – registered marked increases in their sales last year.

However, Grolier International, another reference book company recorded a slump on the sale of their books ever since the floating rate took effect.

Thomas Gies, managing director for the far East of Encyclopaedia Britannica (Philippines), Inc. disclosed that to date the company’s monthly sales, on the average, increased by 400 percent over 1969 monthly sales.

Gies attributed the phenomenal the sales increase to marketing program which made it easy for the buyers to buy their books. Apart from this, he said, the Filipinos are the most education-conscious among the Asians.

Under the company’s marketing program, the buyer pays a down payment of only P171 out of the total amount of P3,500 for a set and the balance payable in two years. If the sale is on a cash basis, the buyer is given a special discount.

Another Encyclopaedia Britannica official Lazaro M. Cordero, national sales manager said the firm’s 19 district

managers with about 500 salesmen all over the country are selling from 100 to 200 sets a day. (A set of encyclopaedia is composed of no less than 24 volumes.)

At P3,500 a set, the company is making a daily sale of from P35,000 to P70,000, Cordero disclosed.

Cordero added that because of the increase in the sales of reference books, the Philippines has earned the distinction of being the number two market for Britannica outside of the United Sates.

Cordero stressed that the rise in demand of reference books is also a fulfillment of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s mission to afford the Filipinos the opportunity to acquire educational materials for their family.

Because of the firm’s success in the Philippines company’s officials are planning to expand their operations to Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia with Manila as based of operation, Cordero revealed.

Cordero said he already received an order from the mother company in the United States to open branches in Hongkong and Thailand.

Cordero attributed the company’s success to proper motivation plus the fringe benefits given to employees and salesmen.

Mondragon Industries which sells the Time-Life books, is equally making good.

Mrs. Jean Taguinud, sales and training director, recalled that during its first month of operation, the sale was practically zero. This was so because the people did not know that such books were in the market. In fact, Mrs. Taguinud said people mistook the time-Life books for the much-read magazines.

The company subsequently embarked on a promotional drive,

she said.

Taguinud said there are two types of marketing program. A customer who buys a complete set of 24 volumes at one time, pays P940 with 20 percent discount, while a customer who buys on installment pays P39.50 a month for one book until he completes one set.

Taguinud said budget-conscious customers prefer the book a month basis and this resulted in tremendous sales.

Grolier International is selling the Encyclopaedia Americana at P2,670 a set of 30 books. To encourage sale, the firm offers 10 percent discount..

Despite this marketing program sale took a nosedive since the floating rate took effect


A 55'er in the USA Movement for Free Philippines

Pending Fausto PHS'55 was the chapter head of the MFP in St. Louis, Missouri where Ninoy was a constant visitor.  The following pictures highlights his participation in the movement. 





        Middle photos: Taken in St. Louis, Mo. at the house of my compadre Dr. Arturo Taca and Dr. Taca is Ninoy godfather and Dr. Taca is one of the founders of the MFP chapter of St. Louis   together with the 2 sons of the late Mayor Cezar Climaco are also doctors. The woman in the photo is my comadre Tessie Taca our hostess.  This was taken taken one month before the fatal journey to Manila.

        Lower photo:  Ninoy Aquino spoke in the Filipino Community about the evil of Martial Law sponsored by the MFP St. Louis chapter which your truly is the Chapter Chairman.  Ninoy's handwritten note at the back of photo.

Upper left:  Demonstration in the Philippine Center in New York City by our member and our host chapter.   Pending with Aquilino Pimintel.  Right:  Yours truly is in Washington, DC with Sonny Alvarez behind me Mrs. Cora Tiglao married to a Capampangan and she the sister of Mayor Villegas.   I stayed in Washington, DC in the house of Major Gervasio Sese an old timer Washington, DC a Capampangan from Mexico.   


A 55’er In The 8th Congress


            Marciano M. Pineda, a member of PHS class of 1955 was elected to the 8th Congress representing the 4th District of the province of Pampanga right after the EDSA revolution of 1986.   

            Prior to his election to the House, Mars  was a Travel Executive (1957-1971), Pampanga Provincial Board Member (1986-1987), Municipal Councilor and Vice Mayor, San Simon,  Pampanga (1960-1964), President, San Fernando Jaycees (1977), President, PHS Class 1955 Alumni Association Inc. (1983), awarded JCI Senator Award No. 34595 (Highest and Lifetime Award to a Jaycee Member) (1983) and was the Most Outstanding Jaycee, San Fernando, Pampanga (1976). 

             As a congressman, he was a Member of the Philippine Group of Legislators’on a  Familiarization trip to Taiwan, Republic of China (1988).  Likewise, he was a Philippine representative to the World Trade Fair, Brisbane, Australia (1989).  He defended the interest of the farmer in the deliberations on the provisions of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law.  His ultimate cause is to free the farmer from perpetual bondage of Feudalism because that is the fundamental reason for the social unrest in the area.

             After leaving congress, he joined the executive branch of the government and became the National Housing. Authority General Manager (1995-1998).  Among his other achievements are President, San Fernando Jaycee Senate 2002.  Convention Director, 34th Philippine Jaycee Senate, National Convention, Clark Field, Pampanga, October 2002.  Well traveled businessman and civic leader ( USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific).  Director, Semirara Coal Corporation 1993-1998 (subsidiary of National Development Corp).  Director, Premium Packaging International (PRIMEPAK) (subsidiary of San Miguel Corp) 1993-1998.  Corporate Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors, Quadcor Group of Companies and St. Dominic Subdivisions.  Lone Delegate and resource speaker, Hongkong Housing Conference “Housing for Millions: The Challenge Ahead” (May 1996).  Member, Philippine Delegation,  Habitat II, City Summit UNCHS, Istanbul, Turkey (1997).  GAWAD Kalinga Award, Civil Service Commission (1997).  Most Outstanding JCI Senator in Government Service (Low Cost Housing) 1997.


  1. Due to his training in the Jaycees on leadership & parliamentary procedures and considering the character of congressional deliberations, he was task by Speaker Ramon V. Mitra to chair a congressional session as acting Speaker.


Privilege speech on the questionable acts of the House of Representatives on  Electoral Tribunal cases.  Looking on are: Hon. Lorna Verano Yap (Pasay), Hon. Bienvenido Marquez (Quezon) & Hon. Guanzon (Negros)


 Executive visit of President Cory Aquino to Congress.  Shown in photo are: Rep. Consuelo Puyat of Makati, Rep. Maria Clara Lobrigat of Zamboanga, Rep. Pacita Gonzales of Zambales.  Rep. Pineda in huddle with the President.


 Interpellation hour on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law.  Congressman Pineda defended the interest of the farmer through the provisions of the CARL in order to free them from the bondage of Feudalism which was a very fundamental issue to address social unrest in the area.  Looking on are: Rep. Oscar Santos (Quezon),  Rep. Jerome Paras (Negros) & Rep. Arden Anni (Sulu).

 Mars has a degree in Bachelor of Science, major in Business Management from the Far Eastern University, Manila.  He was born on October 25, 1938 in San Simon, Pampanga.  Most of all he is proud to be a member of section 8 (see picture below) of the graduating class because Zeny Borja is likewise from the same section.


Section 8 PHS'55 : One of the province's illustrious sons came from this section. 


A PHS’55er as a Local Government Executive


Paterno S. Guevara, PHS’55 was the Mayor of San Fernando, Pampanga in 1986 to 1995.  Prior to his election as Mayor, he was a Barangay Kagawad (1963-67) and a Municipal Councilor of the town (1972-80).  From 1980 to 1986, he was a member of the Parliament of the Streets.  During those times he was in the practice of Law right after he became a member of the Philippine Bar in 1962,  Likewise, he was the Deputy Clerk of Court & Legal Aide of the Court of Agrarian Relations (1963-70) and a Partner of the Guevarra & Silvestre Law Offices.


            As Mayor of San Fernando, his initial focused was on the vital frontline services of the town by reviving the old public market and rationalized it in terms of environmental sanitation and effective and efficient access.  He harnessed the tourism potential of the town by making San Pedro (the crucifixion site) a tourist destination  during Holy Week.  He likewise highlighted the indigenous craft of the town population through its giant lanterns display and exposition.


            From 1988 to 1993, he was the president of the Pampanga Mayors League.  Towards the end of his term, the town of San Fernando was the only first class municipality in the whole of Central Luzon and the most progressive and competitive in the whole country.


            Pat is a member of the PHS class of 1955.  He finished his pre-law at the University of the Philippines Diliman & his LLB at the Lyceum of the Philippines in 1962.  As a Law Practitioner, he wrote a book “Outline & Comments on Agrarian Laws” (1970) and has attended a number of Seminars at the UP Law Center.  Born on September 3, 1937 in Macabebe, Pampanga & married to Adelaida Gopez with four children. Pat is likewise a proud recipient of the 8th Annual Gintong Ama Award.








From Poncing Nunez Photo Collection 

                                                                                 President Diodado Macapagal and First Lady Eva Macaraeg Macapagal

with 55'ers on the occasion of Pampanga High School Golden Jubilee Celebration. 

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