Useful resources on the optimism bias and related topics:

Hope and Optimism Resources (from the Hope and Optimism Initiative Page)

Life Orientation Test - Revised (University of Miami, Psychology)

The Optimism Bias as an Adaptation (an evolutionary explanation of the optimism bias and other biases)

The Optimism Bias (overview paper by Tali Sharot)

The Will to Believe (William James' famous defence of choosing to believe under uncertainty)

The Neural Basis of Unrealistic Optimism (Owen O'Sullivan on brain processes underlying the optimism bias)

The Slow Decay and Quick Revival of Self-Deception (A study by Chance et al. on processes of self-deception)

Forming Beliefs: Why Valence Matters (Sharot and Garrett on the different ways we process desirable and undesirable information)

Delusions of Success (paper by Lavallo and Kahneman on the shortcomings on optimism in business)

Personality and Success (brief overview of the literature on optimism as linked to success)

Optimism and Academic Performance (paper by Lewine and Sommers on effects of optimism on students)

Can Positive Thinking be Negative? (article on the limitations of optimism)

Relevant posts on the Imperfect Cognitions blog:

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