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Recent Work

Ac   =  Acrylic on canvas
W/c =  Watercolour framed

Maxine's Truck    
Mandala 1 Checkered cat 1 Checkered cat 2 The Search for a Home My Book Cover 
Mqandala 2 Magnolias Squared Nor'Wester Black Cat Woodland 

Tulip Squared     
On the Edge of Eternity Anemone 1 Anemone 2 Gilded Glory Festive 
Leap of FaithOur Roots Run Deep Rusty Truck Noah Violet 
Magnolias Inspired by Loretta G Launch After Loretta Grayson Swoop
Succeed Apex Pukeko Flying Ashina Shiva 
 StriveKoreru Paradise Duckling (II) KotukuFlit
Heron  Fractured Flight Irises Double Trouble Irises Aglow
 Precious Platinum A Dance of Tulips Sparrow