Just Imagine
A Drawing Book for Children

Published 4/4/2021

Written after 20 years experience teaching children art.

Learn to recognise simple shapes and rearrange them, making fabulous pictures.

Once children have the basics they will adapt my drawings to produce their own original art.

Lots of fun, no expensive equipment needed, illustrated using school grade coloured pencils and felts.

Free their imagination and let them tell their stories visually.

RRP $25.00

Available from

Felt Marketplace https://felt.co.nz/shop/pegasusart

or Email me jo.pegasusart@gmail.com.

My price includes post and packaging within NZ

Available from:


Aotea Gallery, Great Barrier Island

Wheelers Bookshop

Felt Marketplace https://felt.co.nz/shop/pegasusart

The Drawing Room

Nationwide Distributers (Stockists)

and hiding in the art and crafts section
various bookshops.

The child should be able to leaf through the book, alone, choose a project and produce a successful drawing. Once confident, they will modify my sample drawings to create their own.

Adults will utilise in play, as a textbook or create lesson plans from various projects.

Free drawing projects to download
Click on the images below to open in a printable format.