Paul's Bromeliads

I have been fascinated with Bromeliads since I first learned about then in 1975.  I have been hybridizing them for more than 20 years.  Here is a sample of some of my results. 


Here are some views of my plants growing
under shadecloth during our Michigan summer. If your travels should bring you to Southeast Michigan, feel free to contact  me if you would like to try to arrange a visit.
There's almost always something in bloom, though the best time to see my collection is during our summer growing season when all the plants are out in the shade house
If you would like to see additional photos of my plants, click on the link below to view my PhotoBucket albums.
    I feature some of my favorites here on the Home page.  Check out the following sub-pages for more
plant pictures!  The sub-page titled  New Hybrids- First Flowers  will feature new and interesting things that are happening in my collection. The subpage titled Keepers or Culls? will also feature some current and recent blooming plants. I welcome your comments!  
    As extra pups become available I will list them for sale or trade.  Click on the links below for lists of currently available pups and seedlings:

         I make all efforts to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion.  My primary profession is as a cellist and proud member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra since 1979.  The schedule of a musician can be hectic, so your patience is appreciated!

Thanks for visiting!
Paul Wingert
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The Southeast Michigan Bromeliad Society is collaborating with the Michigan Cactus & Succulent Society to present an Exotic Plant Show and Sale.  The event will take place on September 14 & 15, 2013, at the University of Michigan- Matthaei Botanical Gardens, located at 1800 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, MI.  Hours will be 10:30- 4:00 both days.
I will be actively displaying and selling my plants at the show.  If you're in the area, please come! 
Neoregelia 'Perfect Harmony'- one of my early named hybrids, and a very useful parent in several of my more recent hybrids.
Neoregelia 'Smoky Amethyst' - blooming during the summer of 2008
Neoregelia 'Magenta Mist'- photo from June 27, 2009. It has proven to bloom reliably at this time of year here in Michigan.
Neoregelia 'Sunny Delight'- blooming in summer of 2007.  The Neo. cyanea parentage really shrinks the Neo. concentrica size down to a much more manageable size for indoor growing.  Mature size is 12" across.
Neoregelia 'Lavender Frost'- first flower on 7-23-08. This is a sibling out of the same grex as Neo. 'Sunny Delight'. It shows a lot more N. cyanea influence.
Neoregelia 'B.B.'s Beauty'- on display at the 2004 World Bromeliad Conference in Chicago.  This plant was selected as "Best Neoregelia" in the Show.  (photo courtesy of Michael Andreas)
Neoregelia 'Cherry Port'- in bloom 6-08
Vriesea 'Dreamsicle Orange' blooming in August 2009.
First bloom of a cross of Vr. 'Fireworks' x Vr. 'Poelmanii' photo taken on September 6, 2010. Flowers continued for over 8 weeks!  From seed to flower it took just about 6 1/2 years.  It's a pretty robust plant, close to 23" across, and 23" tall.  The inflorescence has 10 branches.
Neoregelia 'African Queen'- blooming during the summer of 20007
If you are interested in more information about bromeliads, I highly recommend the following sites:  Bromeliad Encyclopedia - Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies , and Welcome to the Bromeliad Society International are both wonderful sites filled with information about bromeliad culture, and lots of great plant photos!   Two forums Bromeliad Forum - GardenWeb and Bromeliad and Airplant Forum - Index (link to the page) are two very cool, very active virtual societies with participation from all over the planet!

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