Paul's Bromeliads

I have been fascinated with Bromeliads since I first learned about then in 1975. I have been hybridizing them for more than 30 years. Here are a few photos with samples of some of my results.

Here are some views of my plants growing under shadecloth during our Michigan summer. If your travels should bring you to Southeast Michigan, feel free to contact me if you would like to try to arrange a visit. There's almost always something in bloom, though the best time to see my collection is during our summer growing season when all the plants are out in the shade house.

For a full listing of my registered hybrids , go to Bromeliad Cultivar Registry Advanced Search and enter the name "Wingert" in the text box for "breeder" and click enter. As of 8-1-2018, that should produce a list of 70 entries (make sure that there is no "space" after the t in Wingert). All are linked to the photos that I used to register the hybrids.

I feature some of my favorites here on the Home page. Check out the following sub-pages for more plant pictures! The sub-page titled New Hybrids- First Flowers will feature new and interesting things that are happening in my collection. The subpage titled Keepers or Culls? will also feature some current and recent blooming plants. I welcome your comments!

As extra pups become available I will list them for sale or trade. Click on the links below for lists of currently available pups and seedlings:

Registered hybrids by Paul Wingert

Hybrid Name current availability Price


BILLBERGIA Fanfare Fall?



HOHENBERGIA Double Hyphen Fall

HOHENBERGIA Double Hyphen Select

NEOREGELIA African Queen 1

NEOREGELIA Ain't Misbehavin’ 2 $15


NEOREGELIA B.B.'s Beauty 2 $15


NEOREGELIA Burgundy Angel 2 $12


NEOREGELIA Checkerboard

NEOREGELIA Cherry Brandy

NEOREGELIA Cherry Port 1 $10

NEOREGELIA Chipotle 2 $10



NEOREGELIA Detroit Dark Red 1 $10

NEOREGELIA Emerald Isles 4 $ 8


NEOREGELIA Jack Be Nimble 1 $15


NEOREGELIA Lavender Frost

NEOREGELIA Little Devil 1 $ 8


NEOREGELIA Massasauga Fall



NEOREGELIA Mulberry Wine 1 $10

NEOREGELIA Obsession 2 $15

NEOREGELIA Perfect Harmony

NEOREGELIA Perfect Score Fall

NEOREGELIA Petit Poucet 1 $ 8

NEOREGELIA Pink Paradox Fall

NEOREGELIA Prairie Fire Fall

NEOREGELIA Pride & Joy 1 $10

NEOREGELIA Razzy 1 $10


NEOREGELIA Royal Velvet Fall

NEOREGELIA Rust Belt Special 2 $ 8

NEOREGELIA Sailor's Delight 2 $12

NEOREGELIA Sailor's Superstition 3 $12

NEOREGELIA Scarlet Starlet 1 $10

NEOREGELIA Scarlet Sunrise

NEOREGELIA Scarlet Sunset 2 $10


NEOREGELIA Smoky Amethyst 1 $15

NEOREGELIA Sophisticated Lady

NEOREGELIA Sorcerer's Apprentice Fall

NEOREGELIA Sorcerer's Mischief

NEOREGELIA Sorcerer's Spell

NEOREGELIA Sunny Delight 1 $10




NEOREGELIA Vintage Burgundy


NEOREGELIA Wingert's Graffiti 1 `$15

ORTHOPHYTUM Alpine Frost Fall ORTHOPHYTUM Heavy Metal 1 $20

VRIESEA Dragon Tales Fall

VRIESEA Dreamsicle Cherry 1 $12

VRIESEA Dreamsicle Orange

VRIESEA Fireworks

VRIESEA Golden Feather 1 $ 8

VRIESEA Golden Starburst 2 $12

VRIESEA My Valentine

xNIDUREGELIA Heart Afire 1 $12

Unregistered hybrids (for now)

Neoregelia Caviar x Razzy 2 $10

Neoregelia [Charm x Perfect Harmony}

X [Gespacho x (Charm x Mocha Mint)] 2 $15

Neoregelia carolinae variegated red x princeps

X Fanfare (pinstripe variegation/ blushes pink) 2 $15

Neoregelia Ed Prince x Governor’s Plea f2 1 $12

Neoregelia [Gespacho x (Charm x Mocha Mint)]

X cyanea 1 $10

Neoregelia (Hatsumi x Rien’s Pride) x Small Wonder

(Sibling of Pink Paradox) 1 $12

Neoregelia Small Wonder x Treasure Chest #16-3 1 $12

Neoregelia Ed Prince x Punctate Red Fall

Vriesea Eva x Sunset #8-1 – discolor foliage, with

orange simple infl. 2 $12

Vriesea Eva x Sunset #10-1 – discolor foliage, with

tall, orange branched infl. 1 $10

Vriesea Sunset x Little Chief #9-1 1 $10

….more to be listed soon.

I make all efforts to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. My primary profession is as a cellist and proud member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra since 1979. The schedule of a musician can be hectic, so your patience is appreciated!

Thanks for visiting!

Paul Wingert

27276 Edgemoor

Farmington Hills, MI 48334


Terms: Contact me by email with your requests, and I will get back with you ASAP on availability. Payment may be made by check or money order. Domestic orders (USA) only. Michael Kiehl has many of my hybrids (though many are in short supply), and may be able to accommodate any international interest.

Shipping: I have used USPS Priority Mail with great success. Charges start at about $8. I will estimate actual shipping charges as closely as possible when I confirm your order.

No shipping during our winter months- approximately 12/1- 3/31.

I Welcome Your Feedback: Hybridizing bromeliads is a labor of love for me. I don’t have room to grow all of the seedlings that I start. If something turns out really fantastic for you, I’d love to hear about it, or better yet- see pictures!

Thank you!

Paul Wingert

27276 Edgemoor

Farmington Hills, MI 48334


The Southeast Michigan Bromeliad Society is collaborating with the Michigan Cactus & Succulent Society to present an Exotic Plant Show and Sale. The event will take place on September 15 & 16, 2018, at the University of Michigan- Matthaei Botanical Gardens, located at 1800 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, MI. Hours will be 10:00- 4:30 both days. Admission is free, though the U-M charges an hourly fee for parking.

I will be actively displaying and selling my plants at the show. If you're in the area, please come!

If you are interested in more information about bromeliads, I highly recommend the following sites: Bromeliad Encyclopedia - Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies , and Welcome to the Bromeliad Society International are both wonderful sites filled with information about bromeliad culture, and lots of great plant photos!

catalog of Paul's registered hybrids

catalog of Paul's registered hybrids-tablet edits

New Hybrids- First Flowers

New Hybrids- First Flowers- tablet edits

available unregistered hybrids

Keepers or Culls?

Upcoming Events

Neoregelia 'Perfect Harmony'- one of my early named hybrids, and a very useful parent in several of my more recent hybrids.

Neoregelia 'Sunny Delight'- blooming in summer of 2007. The Neo. cyanea parentage really shrinks the Neo. concentrica size down to a much more manageable size for indoor growing. Mature size is 12" across. At the Orlando WBC in 2012, one of my flowering plants received head table recognition as "Best Flowering Neoregelia".

Neoregelia 'Lavender Frost'- first flower on 7-23-08. This is a sibling out of the same grex as Neo. 'Sunny Delight'. It shows a lot more N. cyanea influence.

Neoregelia 'B.B.'s Beauty'- on display at the 2004 World Bromeliad Conference in Chicago. This plant was selected as "Best Neoregelia" in the Show. (photo courtesy of Michael Andreas)

During the summer of 2007, I had the opportunity to cross Hohenbergia leopoldo-horstii with H. correia-araujei. I managed to get a very limited number of seeds from the H. leopoldo-horstii. The cross has been quite uniform, as it should happen with primary species crosses. The influence of each parent is quite evident. The remaining few that I have kept have been potted on to 5-6" pots, and are up to 10-14" tall. I'm guessing that they'll end up to be about 18-20" tall when full grown. I really don't care what the bloom will look like on these (they're Hohenbergias!), but so far, I really like the way the foliage is developing! The second one may be the pick of the grex! Just a little darker (Photos from July 2013)

This just bloomed for the first time during July 2018, Billbergia 'Domingos Martins' x 'Fanfare'. The plant displays good character, with a slightly flared tubular rosette, strong spines, just enough foliage markings to make it interesting, and a spectacular inflorescence.

Orthophytums are fun to grow.! They are relatively easy to grow from seed, reasonably quick to mature, and can produce some very interesting results. This one bloomed last summer, and is now registered as Orthophytum 'Heavy Metal', It is a hybrid of O. 'Iron Ore' x harleyi. This particlar selection developed great pyramidal form that is unusual for the genus. It has shown uncommon vigor, maintaining its good form and most of its leaves even a full year after flowering, and as a bonus has produced a generous number of offshoots!

A hybrid grex using Billbergia 'Hallelujah' and Bill. "Sangre' as parents produced a veritable Billbergia collection with extraordinary variability. This one became my favorite. Now registered as B. 'Holy Grail'.

Vrieseas are a pain to hybridize. It takes a lot of time and space to grow out a grex to find out what is worth keeping, but when you get results like these, you tend to get suckered into continuing! Vriesea 'Dreamsicle Orange' blooming in August 2009.

A few more of my favorite registered hybrids

Neoregelia 'Smoky Amethyst' - blooming during the summer of 2008

Neoregelia 'African Queen'- blooming during the summer of 20007

One of my more recent registrations. Neoregeliad 'Ain't Misbehavin' developed great color long before flowering.

First flowering April 2016

The banded Neoregelias are a lot of fun to grow. Most look great all of the time, and the flowers can be quite beautiful! Neoregelia 'Ting-A-Ling'

Neoregelia 'Jem'

...and Jem's wild sibling, Neoregelia 'Scout'!

Markings are pretty nice from the side, too! This Neo. 'Jem'

For more photos of my registered hybrids, go to BSI Bromeliad Cultivar Registry

This selection from a grex of Neo. ('Hatsumi' x Rien's Pride') x 'Small Wonder is a 'fascinating plant that first caught my attention during the summer of 2013. The sequence of photos shows the progression from June 2013 until first bloom in February of 2014! Now registered as Neoregelia 'Pink Paradox'

Vriesea 'Golden Starburst' produces a strong, erect branched inflorescence that provides long-lasting color. It has been a reliable grower, typically blooming mid to late summer.

First bloom of a cross of Vr. 'Fireworks' x Vr. 'Poelmanii' photo taken on September 6, 2010. Flowers continued for over 8 weeks! From seed to flower it took just about 6 1/2 years. It's a pretty robust plant, close to 23" across, and 23" tall. The inflorescence has 10 branches.

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