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 Paul Chaset IS "PaulOn Call" the VERY Handyman Boston Metrowest   home repair and maintenance



 Is it unusual for a Handyman to have a business philosophy? 

It shouldn't be.





     I pre-inspect my work so that I can show up with a full understanding of the tools, materials, and time required for  the job.


     I don't mark up materials.  As a consumer, I was never fond of paying a plumber two- or three- times what I could have bought parts for myself.  I provide labor, experience, and sometimes advice.  I'm not a retailer of hardware or other supplies.


     I will always tell you if I don't feel I can do a good job at what you need.  That's in my interest as well as yours.  I do a lot of things well, but I'm not equally adept at everything you may need.  I work alone, so that places restrictions on what I can physically do.  And I frequently refer my clients to other trades people and supply sources for them to use.  I have been a consumer of these types of services for many more years than I have been a supplier.  As such, I have my own expectations of high quality and professionalism, and I understand very well that I earn my reputation one client at a time.


     I receive many referrals from local suppliers whom I have come to know over the years and who understand the services I offer.  While many trades people commonly accept (and pay) "finder's fees" for referrals, my view is that this practice presents an inherent conflict of interest.  If I give you a referral, that's because I honestly think that person or company is a better fit for your requirements, not because they're paying me to say so.  And the folks who give out my name do so for the same reason.  I neither accept nor pay any fees for referrals.


     I'm not perfect (ask my children!).  If you're pleased with my work, I hope you will tell your friends.  If not, I hope you will tell ME and give me a chance to make it right.

 Paul Chaset IS "PaulOn Call" the VERY Handyman Boston Metrowest   home repair and maintenance