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 Paul Chaset IS "PaulOn Call" the VERY Handyman Boston Metrowest   home repair and maintenance



 I tell my children, "Don't wait until you're 55 

to figure out what you want to do 

when you grow up!" 


      In 2001, after the Dot-Com bust I found myself looking for new career options.  Far too young to retire (I'm not sure I ever really will "retire.") and not particularly interested in trying to re-enter the high-tech work world, I began researching alternatives.


     I was intrigued by an ad for the sale of an established Handyman business.  I interviewed with the seller and began researching the business and the competition.  As I did, I found a number of regional and national franchises in the same business.  I was struck by the commonality of their sales pitches:  "You don't have to know how to do any of this stuff.  You're going to be a manager and hire retired carpenters and plumbers to do the actual work.  You'll hire 'estimators' (i.e. salespeople) and pay them on commission."


     I realized that I wasn't interested in a "business" so much as a "vocation" - I LIKE doing "that stuff."  I've been doing it all my life, starting with my first Lincoln Logs and Erector Set toys as a young boy.


     So I launched Paul On Call (tm) with a few classified ads and the phone started to ring!  I loaded up my minivan with tools and supplies and off I went. 


     I haven't looked back since, and I have to say I'm having a ball!


     I soon outgrew that original minivan, and armed with a steady stream of clients, I upgraded to a commercial van.  Now I can carry the equivalent of a small hardware store around with me. 


     I'm also quite pleased to say that I've earned among the highest grades in the Boston area for Handymen on one of the most highly regarded internet rating services.  And much of that success I attribute to having some of the best clients in Boston! 


 Paul Chaset IS "PaulOn Call" the VERY Handyman Boston Metrowest   home repair and maintenance