Patrick Gaule

I am an applied microeconomist specialized in the economics of science and innovation. I work at the University of Bath as senior lecturer (associate professor). Prior to coming to Bath, I was assistant professor at CERGE-EI, research associate at Harvard and postdoctoral research fellow at MIT and the NBER.

CV (pdf) (updated July 2020). Contact information:

Forthcoming at American Economic Review: Insights "Invisible Geniuses: Could the Knowledge Frontier Advance Faster?" working paper here; final version here.

Abstract: The advancement of the knowledge frontier is crucial for technological innovation and human progress. Using novel data from the setting of mathematics, this paper establishes two results. First, we document that individuals who demonstrate exceptional talent in their teenage years have an irreplaceable ability to create new ideas over their lifetime, suggesting that talent is a central ingredient in the production of knowledge. Second, such talented individuals born in low- or middle-income countries are systematically less likely to become knowledge producers. Our findings suggest that policies to encourage exceptionally talented youth to pursue scientific careers—especially those from lower income countries— could accelerate the advancement of the knowledge frontier.