About me

I'm a staff scientist at Unilever's R&D centre at Port Sunlight near Liverpool in the UK.  My research interests include statistical physics and soft matter, and more recently biological physics and systems biology:
  • phase behaviour of complex mixtures: colloids, polymers, and surfactants,
  • hydrodynamics, diffusiophoresis, and other microscale transport processes in complex structures,
  • simulation methodologies such dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) and lattice Boltzmann (LB),
  • noise and stochasticity in biological systems,
  • flux balance analysis (FBA) and constraint-based modelling of metabolism,
  • epidermal homeostasis, microbial ecology (neutral models), etc.
My PhD was on fractal aggregation with Robin Ball in the Theory of Condensed Matter Group in Cambridge (1990).  Following that I held post-doc positions at Unilever with Moti Lal and Ian Robb, and subsequently in the Physics department in the University of Edinburgh with Peter Pusey and Wilson Poon.  I then took a permanent position at Unilever (1992).  In 2004 I enjoyed a two month sabbatical in Pieter Rein ten Wolde's group at AMOLF where I was also a visiting professor in the University of Amsterdam; and in 2006 a two week visit to UCSD associated with Trey Ideker's lab.  I've also worked closely with a couple of West Coast systems biology companies (Entelos, and Genomatica).  I still maintain contacts with Edinburgh and I have been a visiting Professor of Physics there.  I am currently an Associate Member of the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (in Edinburgh).

I'm on the Editorial Board for Physical Review E (renewed 3-year term ending Dec 2017).  I was a Co-Editor for EPL (5-year term ended May 2011) then on the EPL Advisory Board (term ended April 2014).   I have also been on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.  I was in the 2010 cohort of APS Outstanding Referees.  I'm currently on the CECAM Scientific Advisory Committtee (SAC). 

The 2012 Ig Nobel physics prize was awarded to Joe Keller, Ray Goldstein, Robin Ball, and me, "for calculating the balance of forces that shape and move the hair in a human ponytail" (see # 70 in publication list).

I am a member of the American Physical Society (since 1990), and an associate i-member of the Institute of Physics.

I look after some open source codes : a lattice Boltzmann code at 'SunlightLB', a multicomponent integral equation code which currently implements the HNC, RPA (MSA) and EXP closures, and is aimed mainly at electrostatics problems and dissipative particle dynamics 'SunlightHNC', and a constraint based modelling code for metabolic flux balance analysis at 'SunlightCBM'.  I am currently migrating some of this stuff to a GitHub site.

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Contact details

Dr Patrick B. Warren, PhD, 
Unilever R&D Port Sunlight,
Quarry Road East, Bebington, 
Wirral, CH63 3JW -- UK.
Phone : + 44 151 641 3352
Fax : + 44 151 641 1843 (email me if you send a fax, so I know to go and look for it)

Email:  patrick.warren{at}unilever.com
Email to patrickbwarren{at}gmail.com will also be read.