Video interviews

On Friday November 20th 2009, we conducted five video interviews in concurrence with the Futures of Entertainment 3 conference panel Transmedia for Social Change.   We interviewed Director of Public Media and Relations of Invisible Children Jedidiah Jenkins, Racebending co-creator Loraine Sammy, Visionaire Media President Noessa Higa, and Harry Potter Alliance Executive Director Andrew Slack.  We also did a video interview with NYU Professor Stephen Duncombe, author of Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in the Age of Fantasy.

Links to the video interviews, currently hosted at MIT TechTV:

Loraine Samy Co-creator, Racebending

Jedidiah Jenkins Director of Public Media & Relations, Invisible Children

Noessa Higa President, Visionaire Media

Andrew Slack Executive Director, Harry Potter Alliance

Henry Jenkins in conversation with Stephen Duncombe