After several months of hard work and determination, Matthew completed all of the requirements set forth by the Astronomical League to be certified as a Sky Puppy. To receive consideration for certification Matthew followed the following criteria (copied and pasted from Sky Puppy Manual).

Sky Puppy Projects:

  • Must draw by freehand 15 constellation patterns (with or without
    stick-figures and not necessarily from memory)
  • Without aids or assistance, must be able to positively identify in the
    night sky the same 15 constellations
  • Must be able to identify and briefly describe any major stars or
    naked-eye objects in each constellation (i.e. "Betelgeuse is a red
    super-giant star", or, "that fuzzy patch is the Andromeda galaxy")
  • Must be able to tell 2 different traditional constellation stories from a cultural tradition of the child's choice.
  • Must be able to use binoculars to locate and identify 5 deep-space
    objects from this list suited to binocular observing.
        • M42, the Orion nebula
        • M31, the Andromeda galaxy
        • Albireo, a double star in Cygnus
        • The large and/or small Magellanic Clouds
        • The Pleiades
        • The Hyades
        • a Globular cluster
        • The Beehive
        1. Must be able to identify and describe the Milky Way
        2. Must be able to find the North Star (or the Southern Cross)
            1. Must keep a log of all observations. Each entry must provide object,
              date, naked-eye or binocular, and notes.
        3. Must draw a rough sketch of one of the following:
          • Jupiter with as many of the 4 Galilean moons as you can see
          • The sun with sunspots
          • A crater on the moon