Conservation and Recycling 


Conservation Pledge 



To protect and

Conserve the natural

Resources of the Planet Earth

And promise to promote education

So we can become caretakers of our air



Land and wildlife 


(Adopted May 19, 1994 National Garden Clubs, Inc.) 

Normandy Park’s  “Suds Safe Car Wash Kit”

Washing your car can cause damage to our delicate eco system. The City of Normandy Park has found a way to help protect the habitat in our local streams by using the City’s “Suds Safe Car Wash Kit.” This kit captures wash water before it enters the storm drain and diverts it to a grassy area or sanitary sewer.

Please contact city hall at (206) 248-7603 for more information. 

Girl Scouts “Native Plants” Patch

Parkside Garden Club is sponsoring National Garden Clubs, Inc. "Native Plants" patch for Girl Scouts.  Girl Scouts of all age levels are eligible to earn this patch. 

 If your Girl Scout troop is interested in earning this patch, please contact us.  To earn the “Native Plants” patch girls can:

 - Discover native plants.  Girls will learn what plants are native to their area and how to preserve and protect those native plants as well as what invasive species are in their area. 

 - Connect by working with Parkside Garden Club who will serve as their project sponsor.  In addition, girls are encouraged to make contact with native plant societies, horticulture professionals, and county extension services to help in completing project requirements.

 - Take Action by doing the following:

* Interview someone about native plants in their area.

* Establish a native beauty spot in a public garden, school,

   church, park, town or community.

* Spread the word about native plants by sharing information

   learned with other troops and community groups via newspaper

  articles, radio and TV spots, or posters, fliers, and booklets.

 For more information, please go to
Noxious Weeds

Many noxious weeds started out as garden favorites. In perfect conditions certain plants can thrive and eventually become invasive weeds that overrun our parks, trails, lakes and waterways. For more information on what you can do to help stop noxious weeds contact the King County noxious weed control program. (206) 296-0290 

Bird Count

You can participate in annual bird counts with these organizations: 


Sneaker Recycling

Niketown: 1500 6th Ave Seattle WA.  98101 (206) 447- 6453

Nike recycles old sports shoes to make sports courts and race tracks. Drop off up to 10 pairs of athletic shoes at a time.  See web site for details.

Cardboard, Light Bulb and Styrofoam Recycling

IKEA recycles cardboard boxes, used light bulbs and #6 Styrofoam.  You can drop off these items at IKEA’s recycling center.

IKEA 601 SW 41st St, Renton WA. 98057 (425) 656- 2980

For more information on Styrofoam recycling visit:  

Recycle Your Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Many UPS Stores will recycle your clean packaging peanuts. Our local Normandy Park store will gladly take these. Contact your local store for drop off information.

UPS STORE 17837 1st Ave S. 98148 (206) 243-9843

To find your local store please visit this web site. 


Recycle Broken Glass and Concrete Pieces 

Bedrock Industries not only recycles glass of all kinds to make unique garden art pieces, it also accepts broken concrete pieces for FREE drop off and pick up.   For those wishing to discard broken concrete, please contact Bedrock Industries to learn the minimum size accepted.  For those wishing to use broken concrete pieces in your gardens, pick up as many pieces as you like.  You can keep broken concrete pieces out of our landfills.

1401 W. Grant St, Seattle, WA 98119 (206)283-7625