Special Projects

In the spring of 2008 Parkside Garden Club took on a new project with the Veterans Administration Hospital on Beacon Hill. Using proceeds from the plant sale and a very generous donation from member Vivian K., we purchased large containers, rollers and plant material for a garden therapy project with patients. The program is continuing and the workshops have been warmly received by all involved. In the spring of 2009
we donated a kinetic eagle sculpture to the garden area and dedicated it with a plaque honoring all veterans. Club members also contributed flower arrangements for Veterans’ Day and the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans and planted 100 daffodils at the base of the sculpture for National’s “Golden Days” project. The garden therapy project and sculpture received top awards on district, state and regional levels, and national recognition.
Since 1981 Parkside has maintained several of the beds, shrubs and railing baskets at the Normandy Park Community Club Cove building, donating over $100 per year for the plant material as well. Each month (except mid- winter months) a group of members gathers at the Cove to weed, plant, prune and fertilize as necessary.
On July 4, 2001, Parkside Garden Club dedicated theBlue Star By-Way Memorial Marker at the Normandy Park City Hall in honor of our country’s veterans and service men and women. Club members raised the funds, obtained the marker, and created the flowerbed that surrounds it. The Club continues to maintain the marker and the surrounding plantings and contributed over $144 for maintenance during the past year.
Members allocate donations annually through discussions and votes at meetings.
In 2009 Parkside partnered with the Normandy Park Arts Commission to present “An Evening of Holiday Decorating Tips,” demonstrating and giving away the18 designs created. Parkside provided four designs for the annual Normandy Park Arts Festival held in June,
kicking off National Garden Week, with Normandy Park observance proclaimed by the mayor. Seven designs, along with club information, were placed at local businesses.
Parkside also provided and planted 500 daffodil bulbs at five locations in support of the National “Golden Days” project.

On three occasions, Parkside helped Girl Scouts earn NGC’s “Native Plants” patch
by teaching them about and then planting native plants found in our community.