Informational links

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Views of our class
  • John Lundy of the Duluth News Tribune wrote this story about our class, with photos by Bob King.  
  • Maya Holmes of FOX 21 did a brief story on our class that aired on September 7, 2012. 

About the founding program
  • The Dance for PD® program, the model for our class; their site has lots of information and more links
  • A PBS Newshour segment about the Dance for PD® program (video with transcript)
  • Mark Morris Dance Group, the renowned dance company that founded Dance for PD with the Brooklyn Parkinson Group

Dance in Duluth

Inspiration and fun
  • Duet by Pamela Quinn, a dancer with Parkinson's, danced with David Leventhal, Dance for PD program director
  • Trailer for Pina by Wim Wenders, a dance film for choreographer Pina Bausch 
  • Dance is a workout for the brain and the body. Learning new sequences can be a challenge, even for professional dancers. Boston Ballet's Corinna Gill writes:
Learning the choreography is the hardest part for me. Once I get it and I get comfortable with it, it becomes so fun, and performing is the icing on the cake. But until then, it's counting and studying videos and a lot of trial and error.