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Fill and submit the Feedback form and we will try to fulfill your request to our best ability.

You can also email me for sending screen shot of your problem with this software. I will reply to your mails but they will not appear in below feedback list.

Below are the feedback and feature request from users, latest on top,

13 Jan 2016, Amadeus from Brisbane, Australia
Hi Anand

After installation, I had difficulties finding the icon to change the settings. You call it tray icon, in Windows 7, they call it “Notification Area Icon”. It was in the hidden panel, which made it more difficult.

Perhaps, you want to add this info in your instructions.

Beside of that, all is working well. I run several websites and write a lot in the browser window, the cursor often annoyed me. Now its gone, what a relief. Thank you.


Amadeus W.

Hi Amadeus, thanks for pointing it out. I will make changes in the website and also will add “Notification Area Icon” for our users in my app. Dhanyawad.

11 Sep 2013, Alan from (unknown)
Why is there no uninstall feature?
Hi Alan. PCA do not have install/uninstall feature because it is a portable exe. To install, extract the exe from the zip file in a folder, say PCA, and run the exe. To uninstall, right click on tray icon of PCA and select 'Exit'. Then delete all files in the PCA folder and remove the PCA folder.

9 Nov 2012, BetterRed from Sydney, Australia
Great little program - I've longed for such a gadget for decades.

The suggestion for a hotkey Enable/Disable toggle is a very good one, hope to get it soon

It would also be nice to have a way to exclude some programs (windows) from PCA - similar to Katmouse - but the hotkey would overcome most of the issues
Thanks BetterRed for the hotkey suggestion. This will be easier to implement than the "exclude programs" one. I will implement the hotkey option in next release by this month end.

30 Oct 2012, Erik Magnusson from Atlanta, GA USA

I really appreciate your "Park cursor aside" program. I have been looking for something like that for years, and only today did it occur to me that some kind-hearted programmer may have uploaded a freeware program to accomplish the task. Thank you.

Your comments are interesting and very humorous. I sympathize with your frustrations very much.

May God bless you for your kindness.

Sincerely yours,

Erik Magnusson
Thanks Erik, for the encouraging words. I am happy that you found PCA useful.

16 Jul 2012, Kaly from (unknown)

As it was mentioned in our previous email we decided to feature your website in our "Cool Websites and Tools" daily post series.


(private message)

Best regards,
Kaly (the editor and co-founder)

Thanks Editor Kaly for featuring PCA site in MakeUseOf "Cool Websites" series. I am grateful to you. I will follow your advise in future.

25 Jun 2012, Burma from Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
unstead of triggering the parking of the mouse by typing any key I should like to have the option of doing it using a hotkey (using any combination of Ctrl, Alt and Shift) but still keeping the possibility to choose the parking position and the sliding of the mouse to the selected parking position. That will be wonderful.
Hi Burma, that's a good suggestion. I will add an optional hotkey option in next release.

25 Jul 2011, Kay from Canada
It would be great if you can have the cursor park right away when PCA is run. Or based on time, after 5 seconds, park it. Just a suggestion. thanks.
Thanks Kay for the suggestion. Will take all points when get some free time, hopefully in a month.

2 Apr 2011, Boulanger from France
In response to '24 March 2011, c dot from canada 'there is Auto Mouse Clicker that gives you a solution.
Thank you


2 Apr 2011, Boulanger from France, Nancy.
I want the same procedures but with the click or double left click of the mouse instead of keyboard action. Is this possible?
Thank you very much.

I have noted your suggestion and will see if it can be done.

24 Mar 2011, c dot from canada
It would be great if you could do this hiding based on TIME instead of keystrokes, as I just want the cursor to be hidden after say 10 seconds of inactivity as opposed to purely based on keystrokes. Shouldn't be too hard should it?

Thanks c dot, for the suggestion. I am very busy with my accounting year end project jobs right now. Will look into it and do if it is feasible in existing logic.

14 Feb 2011, Mr Advice from San Francisco, USA
When I set the Park After Keystrokes to any number other than 1, the cursor does not park regardless of the number of keystrokes typed.

I'm using Win7 x64.
I checked in Win7 Ultimate x64. After downloading latest PCA and running in default settings, it parked the mouse pointer after the 3rd key stroke. Changed the keystroke to maximum 9 and typed 1,2,..9 in sticky notes. As soon as 9 was typed, the mouse pointer moved. I advise to download the latest version. Delete the "Park Cursor Aside.ini" file and restart Park Cursor Aside. The default ini file will be created. Please note that a slight movement of mouse will reset the keystroke counting, i.e. if you use laptop, a slight thumb movement on the touch pad will reset the key count.

16 Jan 2011, Gregory Mathiesen from United States
I suggest that Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and Windows keys be ignored.

When I select text and attempt to copy (Ctrl Drag), the cursor is parked when I press Ctrl, making Ctrl Drag impossible.

Alternatively, allow for more than 1 keystrokes before the cursor is parked. User selected number of keystrokes would be great (I saw that someone asked for 140.)
Thanks for the suggestion Gregory Mathiesen. I will look into it for next version release.

14 Jan 2011, Ath from NL
Hi Anand,

As I already requested on the DC forum, I'll sum up my enhancement requests for PCA:
- Whitelist for supported apps
- Blacklist for excluded apps
- Higher keystrokecount before the cursor is moved
- Non-ascii not counted as keystrokes (optional)
- Cursor keys not counted as keystrokes (optional)
- Activation only when in an editing control (optional)
- Multi-monitor support
For longer explanations it's in the forum over here: http://www.donationcoder.com/forum/index.php?topic=25047.msg228980#msg228980


Thanks, Ath for adding the feedback. Will try to fulfill as soon as possible.

9 Jan 2011, Peter Baum from Germany
Hi, nice little app, since the "hide cursor when typing" function (controlpanel -> mouse) only works in programs that use the standard microsoft forms. I would like to park my mouse cursor in the middle of the screen. So, clould implement a new position (i.e. 0 or 5 for center) for the parking spot or even give the option for absolute coordinates relative to the upper left corner.

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to implement your wish in next update, 'absolute coordinate" is also a good idea.
The changes.txt file will have your name (no email), beside the feature.