Parish News

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Church Service Update

Anglican Churches in Ontario to remain closed for summer worship. In person services are scheduled to begin September 13, 2020. See here for details.

New Virtual Parish Church Service

Join Canon David and other parishioners in a virtual worship service at 7 pm Saturday evening.

Bible Study

Canon David Neelands is leading a virtual Bible Study on Matthew, Gospel for a Pharisee at 1:30 every Friday. Please email Cannon David for details on how to join us.

Bishop Fenty's Retirement

Bishop Peter Fenty will be retiring in November 2020. Watch for opportunities to celebrate his 45 years of ministry and to thank him and his wife, Annie, for their contributions to church-life. "In the meantime, our good wishes and deep prayers go to both of them as they begin this new transition in their lives." wrote Bishop Andrew Asbil earlier today. As always, please share information received by e-mail with those you know do not have internet.


ANNOUNCING A NEW $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant For PARISHES !

We are excited to announce that we have been offered a new matching challenge grant of $100,000 for new or increased donations. The challenge is only for parishes, not individuals. In other words, for every increased dollar a parish offers to FaithWorks over last years amount, this generous donor will match it with another dollar up to $100,000.

If a parish increases it's contribution to FaithWorks this year over 2019 by $1,000, it becomes $2,000. If a parish's increase is $5,000, it becomes $10,000. If a parish's increase is $10,000, it becomes $20,000, for those most vulnerable and struggling every day.

PWRDF - Ride for Refuge 2020 supports St Jude Family Project in Uganda.

Dinner & A Movie: A Reconciliation Walk-a series of events on Indigenous justice and reconciliation beginning in Fall 2020. Events will take place via Zoom on Thursday nights (September 17, October 15, November 12, 19 and 26) beginning at 6:30 p.m. All events are free of charge.

The first session, planned for Thurs. September 17 at 6:30 p.m., features the screening and discussion of the film "Niigaanibatowaad: FrontRunners." This film tells the true story of 10 Indigenous teens, 9 of them from residential schools, who were chosen as torchbearers for the 1967 Pan-Am Games in Winnipeg. After carrying the Games torch 800 km over an ancient message route, the torch was taken from the boys outside the stadium where the opening ceremonies took place and brought in by a non-Indigenous runner, while the boys were escorted away. 32 years later, the province of Manitoba issued an official apology. Niigaanibatowaard is story of survival, reconciliation, and hope for future generations. Contact Nancy if you are interested in joining a parish watch party or register here to receive the Zoom link for the event.

Outreach Virtual Conference 2020, Saturday, October 24th The theme "No One is Disposable" highlights the fact that while our society treats many people (especially those marginalized by poverty, homelessness, racial or ethnic origin, age, disability, or criminal record) as disposable, Jesus calls us to build up communities where each individual has worth and dignity. The keynote speaker will be Bishop Peter Fenty. Online registration will be on the diocese website in September.

River Glen Haven Nursing Home no longer has an outbreak of COVID-19. We thank all those who generously donated to the staff assistance program.

The Help Our Neighbours Campaign donated $900 in gift cards to the victims of the North Street townhouse fire this past May that left three families homeless.

Milk bags to Sleeping Mats Unfortunately, we can no longer accept milk bags due to public health requirements during the pandemic. Thank you to those who have donated in the past.

The Georgina Community Food Pantry continues to be busy during this difficult time. The demand is expected to increase in the coming months as CERB ends. If you know someone in need of food contact the Food Pantry directly. Please consider making a cash donation through their website, by donating at grocery stores, or send cheques to the Parish of Georgina, P.O. Box 88, Sutton West L0E 1R0 clearly marked for the Food Pantry.

FAITHWORKS, A Diocese of Toronto collective of ministries, recently appealed to the parishes for financial support to assist their ministry partners in providing food, and shelter to the most vulnerable population. Your previous generous donations to General Outreach made it possible for the Parish to donate $500.

Making Connections. A number of parish volunteers are calling parishioners to check in on them. If you should wish to speak to someone in addition to this please leave a message at the church office 905-722-3726. Social Isolation can be very lonely. Please reach out to others.

Prayer Shawls and lap robes are to be given to anyone who is suffering from grief or illness. Please phone Fran 905-722-9684 if you know who could use one and we'll figure out how to make a delivery. Donations of 4-ply washable yarn are always appreciated.

Sandgate Women's Shelter

Your past donations to Outreach Ministries has enabled the parish to donate $500 in addition to your direct donations to Sandgate Women's Shelter.