The Father Pandosy Mission 150th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture is at the Father Pandosy Heritage Site in Kelowna, BC.


2010 marked the official 150th Anniversary of the establishment of the Father Pandosy Mission, the first Euro-Canadian settlement in the Okanagan Valley. The Mission attracted many settlers to the area, and set the cornerstone for the City of Kelowna as we know it today.

To lastingly commemorate this significant, local anniversary, the Okanagan Historical Society supported local artist Crystal Przybille's vision to create a public, life-sized, bronze sculpture of Father Charles Pandosy. The sculpture was acquired into the City of Kelowna's Public Art Collection, and installed at the Father Pandosy Mission Heritage Site, in Kelowna BC.

The Father Pandosy Mission 150th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture will stand for generations to publicly inspire awareness and contemplation regarding Okanagan Valley history, both of Euro-Canadian and Okanagan First Nation/Syilx. It will enhance a sense of local identity, and encourage us to consider how circumstances in our Valley came to be so.

After the creation of The Father Pandosy Mission 150th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture, Westbank First Nation commissioned Crystal Przybille to create a bronze sculpture of an important contemporary of Father Pandosy - Chief Swkncut. The Chief Swkncut Monument was unveiled on National Indigenous People's Day in 2019. It stands by the waterfront in the City of Kelowna as a reminder of Syilx history and presence:



20 limited-edition, artist-signed, bronze-cast maquettes of The Father Pandosy Commemorative Sculpture are being sold for $5000 each (tax inclusive). The Chief Swkncut Monument maquettes are the property of Westbank First Nation.